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Posted By wakatana
How to install older package version on Ubuntu 18.04?
Hello, I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 and I would like to install libboost-python version 1.46. Currently I have installed version 1.65:

wakatana@local-machine:~$ dpkg -l | grep libboost-python
ii ...
Forum: Linux 05-23-2013
Posted By wakatana
So what would you recommend to starting kernel/C...
So what would you recommend to starting kernel/C language newbie (hacker)?
Forum: Linux 05-23-2013
Posted By wakatana
Why looking into source wont tell me what is the...
Why looking into source wont tell me what is the problem? I really like this kind of explaining Tsuna's blog: The "Out of socket memory" error...
Forum: Linux 05-23-2013
Posted By wakatana
Do you still googling error messages?
I am intermediate Linux user which has basic knowledge of programming (c, perl, js ...) and some system troubleshooting (strace, SystemTap, lsof ...) and I am tired of Googling the messages which...
Forum: What is on Your Mind? 12-14-2012
Posted By wakatana
Best book for “off-line” (train, bus) reading
Hi gurus, what is the best computer related (coding, math, linux, OS, algorithm, graphs, logic, etc.) book for "off-line" reading, I mean situation when you have not access to computer and you want...
Posted By wakatana
Dynamically parse BibTeX and create hash of hash
Hello gurus, Iam trying to parse following BibTex file (bibliography.bib):

abstract = {Abstract goes here},
author = {Lee, Wenke and Stolfo, Salvatore J},
title = {{Data...
Forum: Hardware 11-16-2012
Posted By wakatana
Fedora 16 dual monitor - dual head - automatic monitor shutdown
Hi, I am experiencing troubles with dual monitors in fedora 16. During boot time both monitors are working, but when system starts one monitor automatically shut down. It happend out of the blue....
Posted By wakatana
Charsets and encoding details
Hello gurus, I would like to get deep into charset and encoding isse, also tried google it but no luck. Please see bellow

My configuration

[pista@HP-PC MULTIBOOT]$ locale
Forum: Hardware 11-10-2012
Posted By wakatana
Flapping (reconnecting) external USB drive
Hi gurus, during playing movie via VLC or SMPlayer I get several time the error that file cannot be read. File was stored on external USB disk. During this error I get another dialogue message that...
Forum: Hardware 11-06-2012
Posted By wakatana
HTC Desire S vs HTC Desire C - USB Android tethering problem
Hi gurus,
I have problem with android usb tethering (usb0 interface). I tried two phones HTC Desire C and HTC Desire S. With Desire C everything works as expected, usb0 automatically goes up and...
Forum: Hardware 11-06-2012
Posted By wakatana
Problem solved LAN/WLAN switching have to be...
Problem solved
LAN/WLAN switching have to be turned off in the BIOS settings
HP-Compaq 6710B [LinLap - Linux Laptop Wiki] (
Forum: Hardware 11-05-2012
Posted By wakatana
HP Compaq 6710 - Strange network problems
Hi gurus, I am experiencing strange networks problems. I am trying to teather internet from HTC Desire S with Android. Basicly I followed those instructions:...
Posted By wakatana
Perl syntax and html ole parsing
Hi gurus
I am trying to understand some advanced (for me) perl constructions (syntax) following this tutorial I am trying to parse html:
Using Mojo::DOM | Joel Berger []...
Posted By wakatana
It has been already done but you seen results in...
It has been already done but you seen results in above post.

eval 'exec /usr/bin/perl -S $0 ${1+"$@"}'
if $running_under_some_shell;
# this...
Posted By wakatana
Perl debugger problem
Hi gurus, during debugging script I noticed some very strange behavior. The 1st task is to trim last character of string stored in $temp1 variable, this can be done using either chop($temp1) or more...
Posted By wakatana
Thank you for reply, sorry but I do not...
Thank you for reply, sorry but I do not understand what you have done in awk script
Posted By wakatana
Multi platform script perl or awk
Hi gurus, I am trying to match records in following format:


either awk or perl must be used. I am using cygwin. I wrote following code...
Forum: Hardware 10-01-2012
Posted By wakatana
HP Compaq 6710 - Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG/BG
Hi gurus,
I am trying make wireless card working but I am stuck. Tried following:

Hardware button for wifi is enabled (wifi led lights):

[root@HP-PC ~]# modprobe -r iwl3945
[root@HP-PC ~]#...
Forum: Programming 08-22-2012
Posted By wakatana
Perl OLE Selection property iteration in cycle
Hi gurus, i am trying to write simple perl script using win32 ole which will iterate over all M$ word paragraphs (any text that ends with a hard return) and print only those paragraphs that matches...
Forum: IP Networking 08-12-2012
Posted By wakatana
Naming services + Automounter
Hi gurus, I am trying to understand the enviroment which we are using. The fact that I am asking is that this is production enviroment and I cannot change anything to experiment. Following servers...
Posted By wakatana
win32 ole in deepr details in perl
Hello Gurus,
I am begginer in perl. I would like to ask several questions, some related to perl and its syntax but most will be regarding to WIN32 OLE. My main goal is to develop script that will...
Posted By wakatana
Hi Jayd512, sorry for inconvience, my aim was...
Hi Jayd512,
sorry for inconvience, my aim was not to give clue to somebody of how to crack passwords.
I just wondered about using expect scripts. Unfortunatelly you can easy abuse those information...
Posted By wakatana
tcl/expect magic ssh dictionary password
Hi gurus, I am trying to do some expect/TCL magic. My goal is to write some kind of password guessing script (nearly similar to dictionary attack against ssh). I read that this could be possible with...
Forum: Programming 04-16-2011
Posted By wakatana
php stop "internal row pointer" when fetch from mysql
Hi gurus, I need to call php function for fetching data from mysql but I dont want to move internal row pointer (IRP) forward. Or even get the actual IRP position then fetch data and move IRP back to...
Forum: Programming 03-26-2011
Posted By wakatana
systemtap returntimeofday_s and some questions
Hi gurus,
could you please explain few questions about systemtap.

seems gettimeofday_s() always returns 0

stap -ve 'probe timer.s(4){ printf("%d ", gettimeofday_s()) }'

returns 0...
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