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Search string
I need to create a search string to search through 3 files in my directory called book1, book2, and book3. The search would need to look for the words "title" or "Title" in the above files. I know...
Posted By vthokiefan
How would you also enter the script name after...
How would you also enter the script name after the arguments?
Posted By vthokiefan
Shell argument
I need to create a Kash script that will read two arguments. So if the user enters anything but 2 arguments then they will get and error message. If they enter the two arguments then it will print...
Posted By vthokiefan
Date, time, users
i need to find out following ways to show out put in a shell script when the user selects that option in a case statement. I have the case statement already started just need to find out how to read...
Posted By vthokiefan
number of users logged in script
My admin needs a shell script in Korn that will show conditions based on users logged in. I have never used the Korn shell and have no clue what I am doing, can anyone help.

here are the...
Posted By vthokiefan
Need help
I need to write a script to check to see if a co worker is logged into server when I get to work. I am new to Unix I know that I need to use the Who and grip command to check and an if statement. Can...
Posted By vthokiefan
korn shell
I am using korn shell but I want to have my prompt to represnent that of my C shell because I like it better. Is there anyway to do this?
Posted By vthokiefan
Ksh problem
I am having a problem with this command working, can anyond help?

$ export Path=/user/bin user/local/bin /user/ucb/bin
Posted By vthokiefan
Error Message
I am getting a error message when I try to assign this? Can someone help I am new to unix?

$ First-name=james

ksh:First-Name=james not found
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