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Posted By hhh101
more for it
source code list:
use Thread::Signal;

mkdir( "lockdir", 0755 );
Posted By hhh101
Now ,I write perl for windows platform,and will use signal for asynchronous operations ,but I find it could bring some bugs if it is used incorrectly ,pls help!!! :D
Posted By hhh101
about crontab
Now I give a example:
5 18 * * 1-5 /usr/lib/sa/sa2 -s 8:00 -e 18:01 -i 1200 -A

and I give some comment:
the first column is miniue [0-59];
the second is hour[0-23];
the third is day[1-31];...
Posted By hhh101
Peter.herlihy,thanks for your answer.I think your...
Peter.herlihy,thanks for your answer.I think your reply is right.:D
Posted By hhh101
about CRON
i add a line to the crontab as follows:
"10 10 07 08 * chdir /usr/abc;perl abc.pl"
the abc.pl is a perl script i write myself

when the time elapses
using command "ps -ef"
there are two...
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