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Posted By Shamkamde
Variable has value with = or == sign
I have a script which is reading value from property file and doing replacement in source location which contains multiple files.
property file has values
abc=xyz; yux=1;version=3.0;
Posted By Shamkamde
I dont know scripting, I tried through maven...
I dont know scripting, I tried through maven plugin, but it is not working.
cat environment.txt | while read src rep
sed -i "s, $src), $rep),g" *.xml
Posted By Shamkamde
Hi I want to replace value1 which url1. ...
I want to replace value1 which url1.
Program should read input file, then do search in entire directory for value1, once it find value1 do substitution for url1.
Posted By Shamkamde
Search & Replace in Multiple Files by reading a input file
I have a environment property file which contains:
Input file:
value1 = url1
value2 = url2
value3 = url3 and so on.
I need to search all *.xml files under directory for value1 and replace it...
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