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Posted By sunbird
you have more and one unix type?
As a formem unix newbe

I Just wanted to tell you about this cool site for all you confused people.

If you need to support more than one unix type:

Use this one. It's a life saver.
Posted By sunbird
I solved it
It was a setUID for the /usr/bin/telnet file.
I solved it earlier. There was one lousy google case hidden...
Posted By sunbird
Telnet deny
Hi all
I'm using an AIX 5 machine.
I'm trying to telnet from this machine to another Aix machine.
When I use the "root" user - Everything works.
I can telnet successfully the other machine
Posted By sunbird
Ohhh I'm such an Idiot.
I found this article (See linked )

I restarted the system.

And It works.

Love you all

Silly Sunbird
linked (
Posted By sunbird
CDE login vs. X-windows
Hi, I'm new to the whole X-windows environment.
Need help please..

Believe it or not- I have a licensed "Reflection".
I use the XDMCP host, and I can see 4 servers there.
2 of the servers are...
Posted By sunbird
The printer is a regular printer , and attached to the network with a HP jet direct card to the network.
It has a network IP address and it is configured correctly on the machine as a remote...
Posted By sunbird
Printer fonts
I have a Barcode printer.
It's defined as a remote printer on the system.
The /etc/lp/interface/<printer> file is printing has a part that enables Hebrew printing.
For some reason the...
Posted By sunbird
When I run this command the "-sl" gets a "bad...
When I run this command the "-sl" gets a "bad argument".
when I tried to run it without the ls - it returned fast with nothing. I started to delete the zeros one by one -and didn't get any answer.
Posted By sunbird
There are some users that probably running some...
There are some users that probably running some reports.
That's why I want to sort the files by size.
This is a very loaded system... about 400 users.
I'm trying to do my homework but the dog just...
Posted By sunbird
Help! urgent!
I have an old HPUX 1020.
The /home size was 43% free yesterday.
This morning I found out that it is 100% full.
I didn't find any core files.
I need a script or a command that check for the...
Forum: Programming 01-28-2002
Posted By sunbird
try ulimit -f
try ulimit -f
Posted By sunbird
The Permissions on "/" looks ok. What's on...
The Permissions on "/" looks ok.
What's on /dev/root?
is says in the syslog "vx-nospaces on /dev/root"
The root is in 66%
/tmp is in 4%

I'm trying to run nickel but it won't say anything.
Posted By sunbird
It Happened again today. This time the system...
It Happened again today.
This time the system didn't crash - It just created a core file (37 mb ) which captivated 40% of the root.
I called HP. and run this "ps -ef" thing you talked about,
Posted By sunbird
soory - I forgot to put the Log:Display date ...
soory - I forgot to put the Log:Display date

Output from "/sbin/rc1.d/S420set_date start":
"/sbin/rc1.d/S420set_date start" SKIPPED

Copy processor logs to...
Posted By sunbird
Serius ERROR on HPUX 1020
-Here's the funny thing -
I have an old HPUX1020 D270 also known as "grandfather"
Everything was all right until today...
The users began to work as usual.
Suddenly The server "kicked" out the...
Posted By sunbird
Hello and happy holidays!
I'm sorry to disturb your Christmas shopping (:
Here is the problem:
I'm running "top" on one of the HPUX-1020, and I get about 70 lines with the process "vx_inactive_"...
Posted By sunbird
Thank you, I finaly found the answer myself - I...
Thank you,
I finaly found the answer myself - I used the awk and printer '{print "e " $1}' to file. It workes preety good.
Thank you for your answer! Sunbird
Posted By sunbird
insert text into a dinamic file
I need help, It's probably a joke for you, but I'm about to explode:
This is it:
I have a file which is created by batch, and includes a list of db files (with the complete path).
I want to use...
Posted By sunbird
Search and Replace with "sed
I have a file containung a list. each object in the list has 3 parts, which i will refer as x y z
I need to replace the x y z with the x alone and send it to a different file.
The x size is one...
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