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Forum: BSD 12-02-2015
Posted By Straitsfan
How to play a song in terminal app in os x?
Just wondering -- is there a way to play a song in iTunes from the terminal app?
Posted By Straitsfan
How to delete only certain files?
I have a directory which contains files that are the some name with only one exception -- one of the files is a duplicate of its original and has "copy" at the end of the name, and they all end in...
Forum: OS X (Apple) 11-24-2014
Posted By Straitsfan
How to see connected macs through terminal?
Been a while since I've been here; I have my iMac and MBpro connected via firewire, and they can see each other when I open the finder windows.

But I'd like to be able to 'see' each computer on...
Posted By Straitsfan
trying to remove a directory on my usb drive connected to my mbpro
I have a mbpro that has my backup drive (a usb drive) and I've put some directories into the trash folder on it. I'm trying to remove the directory with the rm -r command. When I do that, I get...
Posted By Straitsfan
Where do deleted mailboxes go in OS X
Just wondering -- I just deleted one of the mailboxes on my mac, and was wondering where it went. I'd like to do an srm, and thought that it would go to my deleted messages mailbox, but it isn't...
Posted By Straitsfan
When does an if statement need parentheses
I was looking at a script in my little book on bash and saw that one of the if statements had parentheses instead of brackets for the condition. I've been trying to find in my book where it talks...
Posted By Straitsfan
Corona -- What I meant was on the command...
Corona --

What I meant was on the command line you can use set [option as a word] to turn it on or off, and then run a script to see the results. But what I was wondering is how to use the other...
Posted By Straitsfan
Running set options from the command line and bash command
I'm reading about debugging aids in bash and have come across the set command. It says in my little book that an addition to typing

set [option]

you can also use them "on the command line when...
Forum: OS X (Apple) 07-13-2011
Posted By Straitsfan
Why are the subjects of deleted mail messages still in Mail Viewing pane?
I was wondering -- when I delete a mail message, I know it goes into the trash, but I've noticed that the subject lines of messages are still in the viewing pane, and I have to delete them as well. ...
Posted By Straitsfan
I'm sorry to be so dense corona, but can you tell...
I'm sorry to be so dense corona, but can you tell me what is meant by external command, foreground process, etc. I'm not sure the book is clear on this. :o
Posted By Straitsfan
Okay -- but I still don't get why the message...
Okay -- but I still don't get why the message isn't displayed. Other folks can get it. Any idea why not me? My book says it should display the message and go right back to the loop.

Sorry if...
Posted By Straitsfan
Methyl -- and anyone else: It's been a while...
Methyl -- and anyone else:

It's been a while since I've been here, but I've got something else.

I fooled around with some other scripts and got it to print a message -- are you getting it to...
Posted By Straitsfan
Can you tell me what 'echo' does in the script? ...
Can you tell me what 'echo' does in the script? I'm not clear on it.
Posted By Straitsfan
How to move all files in a directory and subdirectory?
I'm trying to organize my MB Pro by moving all my jpeg files to a single folder from the desktop. There are some on the desktop that are not in any folder. I was at the command line and typed
Forum: Programming 06-27-2011
Posted By Straitsfan
Thanks to you all. I think I'll start with that...
Thanks to you all. I think I'll start with that book. But I was wondering if any of you could also tell me if OS X comes with a C compiler, and if not, do you know where I could get one?
Forum: Programming 06-26-2011
Posted By Straitsfan
Good book to learn C
I'd like to learn C but I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a good book to start with. I came across some folks who said the best one is 'The C programming language, second edition' but some reviews...
Forum: OS X (Apple) 06-03-2011
Posted By Straitsfan
adding new user/account in terminal
Can anyone tell me what the command(s) are for adding a new account through the terminal application in OS X? I've been looking around the man pages but can't find anything.
Forum: OS X (Apple) 05-13-2011
Posted By Straitsfan
Where are package contents stored for a file, or why aren't they visible w/o right clicking the file
I was wondering about the "Show Package Contents" option in OS X. I have a keynote file that I'm looking at. Exactly where are these contents or its directory stored, because they aren't visible in...
Forum: OS X (Apple) 05-03-2011
Posted By Straitsfan
How to get the file creation date with find command
Is it possible to find all files based on the date of creation? And if so, how? I've been looking at the find command but it seems that only modification times are used as an option.
Posted By Straitsfan
rusty with cp command -- how to cp all .doc files with .txt extension
I'm rusty with cp, so I was wondering: is it possible to cp all the .doc files in a folder and make them .txt files? Can you use cp to do that?
Posted By Straitsfan
Methyl: I tried setting the key but it didn't...
I tried setting the key but it didn't work:

stty: illegal option -- INT
usage: stty [-a|-e|-g] [-f file] [options]
trap: usage: trap [-lp] [arg signal_spec ...]

I wish I had a unix...
Posted By Straitsfan
I don't follow. Why would my book use int...
I don't follow. Why would my book use int instead of numbers?

And when I run the script and control-c all I get is


on the screen and the cursor keeps blinking
Posted By Straitsfan
trap command
I'm learning about the trap command from my bash book. I tried out the little script they gave:

trap "echo 'You hit control-C!' " INT
while true; do
sleep 60

But when I type...
Posted By Straitsfan
I apologize -- I just didn't get it. But I think...
I apologize -- I just didn't get it. But I think I get it now. Sorry for the confusion
Posted By Straitsfan
Just to be clear: I cant just type the name of...
Just to be clear: I cant just type the name of the directory I want to copy -- I also have to specify the name of the new directory as well?

I can't just type

cp -r vendors/ Desktop ?
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