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Posted By droolin
Ok, it's been a bit sense I posted that question...
Ok, it's been a bit sense I posted that question and I have become a bit more comfortable with the kde. Wish this machine had some more guts under the hood, only a p4 but with 2 gig of mem.

Posted By droolin
Old hand to FreeBSD, brand new to KDE ??'s
I have now used FreeBSD from eh, 5.0??? But during that whole time I have never used xwindows or kde. My box's have always been servers of one type or another.

I just set up a new BSD...
Posted By droolin
Has anyone run the linux boinc client on FreeBSD
The reason I ask is because the einstein client in the freash ports is not the current one with boinc. No new work is being assigned. They sugested or asked if I could run boinc 6.10.17 linux in...
Posted By droolin
bandwidth throtteling with pf queing questions
Ok, I currently own a server which has 16 external ip's connecting to it. The ip's are assigned to specific types of accounts... Ie: email, dns, ircd, webpage, ssh, streaming radio.

Currently I...
Forum: IP Networking 12-25-2008
Posted By droolin
Mutiple nics on Freebsd 7.0
I had the pleasure of having a gig nic given to me this week, which also appears on the hardware list of FreeBSD.

What I would LIKE to do is:
1). Set my 10/100 nick as the dedicated...
Posted By droolin
Let me take a stab at this
$ find . -cmin -30 -name "b*" -exec grep -l "dan" '{}' \;

I should have qualified that to be:
find . -type f -name "b*" -cmin -30 -exec grep -l "dan" '{}' \;

That search's...
Posted By droolin
Use the find command. I created a file...
Use the find command.

I created a file called blablabla.txt, in it i placed the text.... "bla bla bla dan

With the command:
find . -cmin -30 -name "b*"

Only blablabla.txt is found.

Posted By droolin
Hardware question - UltraAta 133 PCI
Not sure I put this in the right forum, and if I was incorrect. I do a appligize.

Recently I have lost two external hard drives due to heat. I bought internal drives, seperate case's, and made...
Posted By droolin
Ok, let me take a shot at this
If I understand the problem correctly, you only want to copy new files.

1). Manualy do a list of your directory and direct it to a file.
ls > filelist.txt
2). In your...
Posted By droolin
sharing drives accross mutiple os's
I currently have a freebsd system running that I have a couple 24/7 deamons running on. This system is system is linked via a router to a windows machine, and soon to be another machine(havent...
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