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Forum: UNIX and Linux Applications 07-23-2008
Posted By veccinho
Mirroring Apache conf
Hi everyone!
I didn't know where to post this, so i figured this would be a good place.

I have a Tru64 machine which is running "Secure Web Server 2.2 powered by Apache 2.2".
Now i finished...
Forum: AIX 05-13-2008
Posted By veccinho
It worked just fine! The only "problem" was...
It worked just fine!
The only "problem" was that i didn't know that every new logical volume after its creation will appear as block- AND as character device.
Thanks for the info!
Posted By veccinho
Swap space problem
Recently i had a problem with one of mine Tru64 machines.
It started to kill processes because of low amount of swap space. It said that it went below 10 %.
But when i ran swapon -s it said:...
Forum: AIX 05-09-2008
Posted By veccinho
Ok, great! One more question. When i create...
Ok, great!
One more question.
When i create logical volume, it is by default created as block device.
But i see that all my raw devices assigned to the database are character-special devices. ...
Forum: AIX 05-08-2008
Posted By veccinho
Logical volume to raw device
I have several logical volumes that are turned into raw devices used by Informix DB. I would like to add some more.

In /dev directory i see logical volumes as block files: lv_name1, lv_name2...
Forum: HP-UX 03-31-2008
Posted By veccinho
collect comand usage
I would like to set up monitoring of CPU, memory and disk utilization as a cron job daily with this command, on a Tru64 machine.
I presume that it can be done similar to syslog.dated procedure, so...
Forum: SCO 01-07-2008
Posted By veccinho
Problems with NTP
I'm having problems with NTP synchronisation on one of the machines wich runs SCO 5.0.5Eb.

It should synchronize with one RedHat machine in local network, but it doesn't (all other machines...
Forum: HP-UX 01-02-2008
Posted By veccinho
Verifying backup on Tru64
Hy everyone and happy new year!

I would like to know how can i verify that some of my backup tapes, created with vdump, are ok?
Some of them were created before i came to the company that i'm...
Forum: SCO 11-27-2007
Posted By veccinho
If my memory serves my well, type scoadmin,...
If my memory serves my well,
type scoadmin, then i believe there is an option Hardware manager or something, and then scroll until SCSI tape/drive. Im' not sure what comes then, but you can try
Forum: AIX 11-19-2007
Posted By veccinho
OMG! You'll have to forgive me guys... English...
You'll have to forgive me guys... English is not my mother language, but still I'm speaking it relatively well.
But in this case i don't know what i was thinking. Of course, i know what...
Forum: AIX 11-19-2007
Posted By veccinho
Problems with disabling remote root login

I'm going through security checklist for AIX 5.3 and i just can't disable remote login for root through ssh.
What i did:
- in /etc/security/user i added a line:
rlogin = false
Forum: Cybersecurity 11-09-2007
Posted By veccinho
Disablin login for system accounts
Hy everyone!
I'm trying to lock out system accounts on my Tru64 UNIX machines.
Wherever I look, it says only to put Nologin or *Nologin in password field of desired account in /etc/passwd.
Forum: SCO 10-29-2007
Posted By veccinho
Problems with gcc compiler
Hy everone!
I have an old SCO 5.x machine on which I want to install openssh. Since there was no GCC compiler installed I had to install that too. I'm not a programmer and not so familiar with SCO,...
Forum: SCO 10-05-2007
Posted By veccinho
Disabling root login
Coud someone tell me how to disable root login via terminal (only from console should be allowed).
There is no ssh installed, only telnet.
I created a user which will have permission to su to...
Forum: AIX 09-04-2007
Posted By veccinho
Removing temporary alias
I found a syntax for adding temporary alias to an interface:

ifconfig en0 netmask alias

But I can't find a command to remove it.
Could it be that I only need to add -...
Forum: SCO 08-24-2007
Posted By veccinho
"vdump" on sco?
I don't have much experience with SCO, so I would like to know how can I make sys backup on SCO OpenServer 5?
Is there a command that does the same job as vdump on Tru64 or mksysb on AIX?
Forum: IP Networking 08-17-2007
Posted By veccinho
Solved! Found it in /etc/gated.conf
Found it in /etc/gated.conf
Forum: IP Networking 08-17-2007
Posted By veccinho
RIP listeners
I have to find out if RIP listeners are enabled on some of UNIX servers. They are all running Tru64.
Posted By veccinho
If someone wants to know, I fond a solution. A...
If someone wants to know, I fond a solution.
A guy who managed users before me, used to following command for deletion:
edauth -r login
This command removed user from passwd file, but left his...
Posted By veccinho
pwck report
I didin't know where to post this, so I decided, here:)
The thing is, I have to put things in order on some Tru64 machines. Now, pwck gives me reports like this:

username not listed in...
Forum: AIX 07-13-2007
Posted By veccinho
vdump on aix?
As far as I know vdump command is used only on Tru64 (correct me if I'm wrong). The question is: what is the command on aix that does the same thing (logically speaking)?
Forum: Cybersecurity 07-12-2007
Posted By veccinho
Root password lifetime default
Hello everyone!
Could someone tell me where and how can I change the default value for root password lifetime. Now it is 30 days and I want to increase it on 90.
The passwd -x doesn't help because...
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