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Forum: Programming 10-20-2004
Posted By mile1982
extract command

i want to extract an argument from double qoutes, eg: when the user enters:

prompt "mile"

i need to extract everything within the double quotes, in my case, mile, and save it to a...
Forum: Programming 10-19-2004
Posted By mile1982
special character ?
hey there

im a bit stuck on executing commands that include the special character '?'. can someone recommend a way on how i would be able to execute it?? i thought the glob function could be...
Forum: Programming 10-15-2004
Posted By mile1982
pipes + structs

got a small problem here. im trying to pipe eg: 'ls | more'.
i have created a command line parser which separates ls and more into two commands. i have also created a struct, each struct has...
Forum: Programming 10-12-2004
Posted By mile1982
execution in background

im having trouble understanding how to execute commands in the background. i did some research and saw that you only have to fork and not wait for the child to finish. in another case you...
Forum: Programming 10-02-2004
Posted By mile1982
a small problem
hey there

i kinda have a small/big problem. i have created a 'small' version of a shell that only accepts ls comamnds. my problem is that when i compiled the program and got it to work, i deleted...
Forum: Programming 09-30-2004
Posted By mile1982
unix system programming
hey there

i have to execute commands that are written on the command line in unix. i have already separated the commands into tokens but now im stuck with the problem of how to actually execute...
Forum: Linux 09-29-2004
Posted By mile1982
jsp not working on linux running tomcat server
hey there

we cant seem to get jsp to load pages properly on linux running tomcat 4 server. everytime we run .jsp files, the source code comes up instead of the actual file contents. any...
Posted By mile1982
hey guys

i need to restrict access to the GNUPG program because of the possibility that sensitive data like encryption keys and passwords that it is using may be written into the virtual memory...
Forum: Programming 09-12-2004
Posted By mile1982
separating commands
hey there

well i have a small problem with my code. when for example :

" /bin/sleep 10 & ls -l mila > xyz " is entered, the program is supposed to separate the two commands 1) /bin/sleep 10 &...
Forum: Programming 09-09-2004
Posted By mile1982
why doesnt this compile correctly
hello there

when i try and compile i keep getting this error that 'error C2115: 'function' : incompatible types' on the following line of the code:

for (i = 0; i < nCommands; ++i) {

Forum: Programming 09-05-2004
Posted By mile1982
command line parser
hey peeps
i need to allow a user to input a line and then my job is to separate that line into tokens and print out what each command is. my question here is, if eg: 'ls > aifle' is entered as the...
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