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perl recursive function issue
I am facing some problem in perl recurssive function function

my @array_parent = (Some inegers);
my $outputfile = 'output.txt';
my $master_file = 'master.txt';
open (MASTER,"$>>master.txt");...
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date command issue from crontab
Hello Experts,

I am facing problem in date command with TZ
[ date1=`TZ="GMT+28" date +'%d-%b-%Y'`]
[ date2=`TZ="GMT+48" date +'%d-%b-%Y'`]

[ echo $date1 $date2 ]

Output :...
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date command issue from crontab
Hi Expert,

I am using TZ for extracting yesterday date and day before yesterday date
example :

date_yes=`TZ="GMT+28" date +'%d-%b-%Y'`
date_dbyes=`TZ="GMT+48" date +'%d-%b-%Y'`

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You want to repalce 0001 in the begging or...
You want to repalce 0001 in the begging or anywhere. Please be specific

you can use sed or tr command to achive this. Otherwise you will write a perl program for the same
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version number in unix/linux
Use uname -r instrad of uname -a
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But when i was doing ftp in unix ftp server...
But when i was doing ftp in unix

ftp server

!sh scriptname -> How it will work
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Net::Ftp in perl
I am trying to execute a script in another server, i used Net::Ftp module

How to execute unix command in another server by using Net::Ftp module..
### Perl script to ...
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kill command
Good way to kill the process, if the process having it's child
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tar command use
I am useing tar command

tar -cvf /target/mytar.tar *20100212* [There are more than 50,000 files]

when i am checking the file size in /target directory, it's size is varing, means it touches...
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Thanks to all of u...
Thanks to all of u...
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File move and deletion in Unix
I have 63,000 files in a directory [per one day]

I want to move all the 20100219 day files to /target directory

I used
$mv *20100219* /target
too many arguments

Then i used
$find ....
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re it work fine
Thank u very much durden_tyler..

Perl one liner is very powerful na. If you have any stuff on perl one liner then pls, give me
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Date Validation in unix
I have a script which is take date as parameter

sh <2010-02-01>


#Here i want to two diffrent dates
## 3 Days before
##date14query=$mydate - 4 (it will be...
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cut command in while loop
while read line;do
grep "001" $line|awk -F "_[0-9]" '{print $NF}' >> File1.txt
grep "002" $line|awk -F "_[0-9]" '{print $NF}' >> file2.txt
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Need to understand
could you Please tell how it's work. It's very complex but may be effective. Someone please help me to understand this code
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awk vs perl
awk -F "|" '{print $2$3$4 upto $30}' file1 > file2

Same logic, i want to write it in perl

I tried
my $line;
open FH, "<file1" or die " Can't open file $!";
open FH1,...
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grub> unhide (hd0,0) grub> hide (hd0,1) ...
grub> unhide (hd0,0)
grub> hide (hd0,1)
grub> rootnoverify (hd0,0)
grub> chainloader +1
grub> makeactive
grub> boot

it resolves the issue.

---------- Post...
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re: rm -rf *
But i deleted the files from fedora core OS.

How it deleted files from Windows Xp

---------- Post updated at 01:42 PM ---------- Previous update was at 01:33 PM ----------

when i am...
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deleted all files - rm *
Hi All,

I am using Fedora Core and Windows Xp. I deleted all the files from root
directory. When i am trying to restart the computer it showing some grub > prompt. What i will do ? I have lots...
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perl how to escape (|) character
my @array;
my $sepa = "|";
print $sepa;
open FH, "<100_20091023_2.txt";

push @array, split(/\$sepa/, $_);
print "@array\n\n";


I am not able split the line which have...
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cat issue
I have list of files in my current directory


I don't want to open first and last file. i.e (abc.txt and 123_ex_csv)
I tried
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perl book
I want to download larry wall's programming perl any edition book for free.

will anybody tell me the location or url where i can get this book.
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perl time format
Hay guys,

I used time::local module. But i can't get my proper answer from this.

I want to extract two time for tomorrow start time and end time. In my code i just hard coded this. But it's not...
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It's not working apt-get: command not found...
It's not working

apt-get: command not found

---------- Post updated at 08:20 PM ---------- Previous update was at 08:14 PM ----------

I got the gcc.tar.bz2 file . i extracted these file....
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gcc compiler
I am using open suse linux. I want to install gcc compiler in my machine. I ahve checked man gcc and man cc. But it's not there. Can someone help me
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