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Need next level.
"Mastering Unix Shell Scripting: Bash, Bourne, and Korn Shell Scripting for Programmers, System Administrators, and UNIX Gurus."

This book is coming next week by DHL.

Hoping to raise my game. ...
Posted By lancest
Help is appreciated
On Ubuntu. Yes I'm struggling.
find ~ -name "*.mp3" | xargs mkisofs -o musicbackup
or similar find ~ -name "*.mp3" | xargs mkisofs -o musicbackup.iso
gives me output error:
xargs: unmatched...
Posted By lancest
Mp3 backup using find, mkisofs
Hi. I want to create a Linux script to find all local mp3 files, create an ISO image. Later I will attempt to use growisofs
Something like this:
find ~ -name "*.mp3" | xargs mkisofs -o musicbackup...
Posted By lancest
/: write failed, file system full
Sun server 4

Getting message /: write failed, file system full.
Okay so the problem seems obvious. The file system is full.
This server is used for DNS and DHCP on a T1 connected WAN. I can't...
Posted By lancest
Color konsole in FBSD 4.6
FBSD 4.6
How do I colorize my konsole to see directories etc. Am able to get color in the shell with ls -GF in my .bashrc. But color does not show in KDE3 Konsole (Xwindows) for some reason.FBSD 4.6
Posted By lancest
How KDE3 (KDM)default at boot?
FBSD 4.6
How do I setup KDE to start as default WM? I don't have .xinitrc, xserverrc. My X11 is empty.I'm stuck with FWM as default.
What file to I configure to make KDE 3 the default Window...
Forum: IP Networking 04-12-2002
Posted By lancest
Good Info ASKIA. I have been using Linux and (FBSD recently) for a few years and really believe that there would'nt be much reason to use Unix if it did not offer superior performance. As far as the...
Posted By lancest
Start Gnome in FreeBSD 4.5
I was finally able to get FreeBSD working with X-windows and KDE. I installed Gnome also. However am not given the chance to run Gnome when I type: startx at the command line. KDE seems to be...
Forum: IP Networking 04-01-2002
Posted By lancest
Linux is fast again!
Problem solved, it was my Linksys BEFSR41 Router.
The router finally failed completely- to provide internet, (may need flash or something). So I replaced it with a 200 mhz 32 mb PC ( Linux router)...
Forum: IP Networking 03-19-2002
Posted By lancest
You have a point
Its true that I should be happy in comparison with dial-up. Excepting the cost. Using red-hat now, its kind of okay, going to try a few things later.
Forum: IP Networking 03-16-2002
Posted By lancest
Linux got slower
As I stated before DSL reports speed test does not really show any difference in speed between Mandrake and Windows. However I went and installed Suse 7.1 and got the same result:
I wait 5...
Forum: IP Networking 03-04-2002
Posted By lancest
Mandrake should be faster.
For some reason 8.1 Mandrake Linux seems much slower than Windows 2000 with my cable modem. DSL reports test says they conferable speed with Windows2 though.
This is consistant slow with both of...
Forum: IP Networking 02-23-2002
Posted By lancest
Samba easy
The easy way to do Samba

Download Webmin manager:
Install Webmin RPM
Access your webmin (need machine ip) on port 10000 with mozilla.

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