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Posted By babayeve
Thank you "google" a lot. emil.
Thank you "google" a lot.

Posted By babayeve
garbaged terminal
hi everybody.

I did tail -f to a log file having unicode characters my gnome-terminal got garbaged. I am NOT always experiensing this. i want to know is there a key combination ( like ^L ) to...
Posted By babayeve
thanks everybody. it was actually not a problem...
thanks everybody. it was actually not a problem for me. as you said, i can redirect the output. I just wondered if it was possible or not.

thanks anyway.

Posted By babayeve
background job
on gnome i open a terminal and run wget http://soommmething & in the background. because wget shows me downloading progress percentage and download speed continuously, I exit the gnome-terminal
Posted By babayeve
You need a write permission for the directory...
You need a write permission for the directory holding a file so that you can delete the file under a directory. so do

ls -d TheDirectoryHoldingTheFile

and see or share the output with us. if...
Posted By babayeve
sorry i don't understand file is locked. and i...
sorry i don't understand file is locked. and i don't know what mac finder is. i gess it is something finding your mac address of ethernet? BUT,

1) if it is locked as in RCS (revision control...
Posted By babayeve
e-mail client supporting HTTP mail servers
Hi all

I want to know, is there any e-mail client in linux which supports HTTP mail servers. i am using fedora2. as far as investigated or tried I only find POP or IMAP mail server configuration...
Posted By babayeve
Re: Help
[QUOTE]Originally posted by finster

I have installed gtar before but have forgotten how to gtar a file. It gives the following error:

/usr/local/bin/gtar -zxpf...
Posted By babayeve
Is there a command showing which country or city does an IP address belong to?
Posted By babayeve
Re: Unix?Help!!
Maybe a little bit late in reply but:

you can try winlinux20001 on or

you can get it (winlinux2001.exe) by searching You need first sign in, search and download....
Posted By babayeve
remove a nonempty directory
How can I remove a non empty directory. ' rmdir directory_name ' complains that the directory is not empty. The same problem happens with ' rmdir directory_name/* '
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