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Posted By rijeshpp
Extracting log entries from a date onwards
One of the log file looks like entries as below.

Wed Apr 6 14:51:18 2011 [pid 24366] [wasadmin] FAIL LOGIN: Client ""
Wed Apr 6 14:52:53 2011 [pid 25554] CONNECT: Client...
Posted By rijeshpp
Thanks chipcmc for the reply. echo -e can be used...
Thanks chipcmc for the reply. echo -e can be used an option work with Redhat Linux and need change in the code. I found echo -e option is not valid in AIX 5.3. I am interested a solution which...
Posted By rijeshpp
New line character problem with ksh on Redhat Linux

I would like to discuss the problem I am seeing with echo \n statement in Redhat Linux Enterprise 5.3 version. I have a shell script that was written couple of years back for generic...
Posted By rijeshpp
To more about the problem I could use cat...
To more about the problem

I could use cat | sed -e 's/MEM_ARGS="-Xms.*/MEM_ARGS="-Xms=256m Xmx=1024m"/' > setDomainEnv.sh_tmp , where as I want to the variable in sed. For example ...
Posted By rijeshpp
Shell script to change a value
I have a shell script that has following entry.

MEM_ARGS="-Xms256m -Xmx512m"
export MEM_ARGS

if [ "${JAVA_VENDOR}" = "Sun" ] ; then
if [ "${PRODUCTION_MODE}" = "" ] ; then
Posted By rijeshpp
if -z not working in SH shell
Hello all,

Any idea how to check whether a variable holding null value or not. if -z option works fine in bash, where as it is not working in sh.

bash-3.00$ sh
$ if [ -z $TEST ] ;...
Posted By rijeshpp
This works fine, thank you very much. Could you...
This works fine, thank you very much. Could you please tell me what is "" character and what is the significance of it?

Posted By rijeshpp
Thanks for the reply. Yes, it will work,...
Thanks for the reply.

Yes, it will work, but what will be in case if the variable is taking from user which is a valid UNIX path that contains / and need to put that variable by replacing the...
Posted By rijeshpp
Replace userinput with forward sladh (/)
Hi All,

If I wanted to find and replace a line with a user input value that has forward slash, then how to do it?

For example I have a script called ./ which will ask for user to...
Posted By rijeshpp
create users from template
Create users from template file
Posted By rijeshpp
Compare two arrays in sh or compare two fields
I want a soultion to compare two arrays in sh with an easy way.I want a solution to synchrose users between different AIX servers where no NIS is available. All users are meant to be same on all 10...
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