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Posted By preetham
Writing a service in Linux
Hi All:
I want to write a program that runs like a service(in the background) and should start up when the system boots. It should always be running, no matter who has logged in, no matter if...
Posted By preetham
I have used Xnvc, however, i have not been...
I have used Xnvc, however, i have not been successful in setting it run when the system boots up. I am using Redhat7.2
From what i understand from Xvnc, i can run them in two modes.
Correct me if i...
Posted By preetham
remote connection
Can i access my Linux Box from a remote machine, Login and Run a program(eg: netscape) in a particular display number.
Assuming i do not have XServer running in my machine
Appreciate the...
Posted By preetham
set display
Hi All:
An elementary Unix Question,
How can i set the display number and run a program in that display.
If i type the name of the executable the program opens in the console(display number 0),...
Posted By preetham
Re: Re: Re: Your file locations may vary but should be similar
thank you Optimus,
First, let me assure you that i have no intention of hacking, im not a hacker, can't afford to be one...i just code for food man ;)

I have this hello world kernal module...
Posted By preetham
Re: Your file locations may vary but should be similar
i am using Redhat 7.2.
I am looking at writing a program that would listen at a particular socket and based on what it reads from the socket, it sends back some data(logic/program it does...
Posted By preetham
Re: x windows related
I guess you could look at the book "Xlib programming manual".
You could also look at the website ""
Posted By preetham
program that boots at OS startup
Hi All:
I wanted to know if i can write a program in UNIX, a program that does not run under a particular user login, but starts up at BOOT time.
Are there any online material that i could look...
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