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Posted By gubbu rock! rock!
Posted By gubbu
Hostname lookup and create text file
I have a list of hostnames in a txt file . I need to do nslookup or other command on linux and get the ip address and if you dont find an ip address then put instead in the output text file...
Posted By gubbu
Ssh to 100s of hosts with password in a shell script or text file
I have about 500 hosts where I need to ssh by sending the password on the command line or in a text file in a clear text . However I am not able to download "sshpass" or other tools .

Any other...
Posted By gubbu
Search and replace in shell
I have a server.xml in about 50 instances of JBOSS servers which has
the following line
<Engine defaultHost="localhost" name="jboss.web">

I need to append something into this line based on the...
Posted By gubbu
Search text and append using SED?
I have file .
cat hello.txt

Hello World

I would like to append a string "Today " so the output is
cat hello.txt

Hello World Today

I dont know which line number does the "Hello...
Posted By gubbu
extract fields from a downloaded html file
I have around 100 html files and in each html file I have 5-6 such paragraphs of a company and I need to extract the Name of the company from either the one after "title" or "/company" and then the...
Posted By gubbu
extract part of hostname in a script
I need to automate something as part of post processing in a script . Each project is identified by a 3 letter string which is part of hostname and based on hostname I need to copy a particular file...
Posted By gubbu
Log archive script
I need a log archival script which will delete files older than 3 days in a given JBOSS log directory which has files as follows
Posted By gubbu
The script below is actually in /etc/init.d and...
The script below is actually in /etc/init.d and there are symlinks to /etc/rc.xd directories and I have put the links in all the rc directories.

The problem I am having is the K script is not...
Posted By gubbu
rc.d script to stop not workign
I have a simple script that I have put in all the rc.d directories from 1-6 and have named it K20blah and S20blah .I am on red hat linux and I see that when i do reboot the S20blah is ignored but the...
Posted By gubbu
find large files in root filesystem and exclude others
I am wondering if there is a way to search for top 10 files in size in root filesystem but exclude all other mounts including nfs mounts .
For example excluded

Posted By gubbu
/etc/sudoers for allowing oracle user to /var/log/messages
So I want the DBA to access /var/log/messages and so I logged in as root and then edited the sudoers file as follows

"oracle ALL= (root) /bin/view, /var/log/messages"

However when I login...
Forum: IP Networking 07-19-2011
Posted By gubbu
simple linux networking question
I have 2 linux hosts running oracle RAC DB with multiple ethernet interfaces .

Host 1

netstat -tln |grep 6000
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address ...
Posted By gubbu
How to use SED or AWK to search and replace an exact string
I have a file


I want to replace only "DS" to "" in a lot of files. I tried

sed 's/DS/' but it changes all the lines .

thanks in advance
Posted By gubbu
Calculate response time from log
I have a running log file (jboss_server.log) which rotates at midnight . I need to constantly check and calculate the time for each thread and alert if it doesnt complete within 60 minute. For...
Posted By gubbu
Script to find files and delete it by comparing
I have a directory where lot of "gzip" files are dropped in every 5 minutes. There is an application which will process these gzip and move it to another directory but will leave a gzip.out file with...
Posted By gubbu
Thanks both work ..
Thanks both work ..
Posted By gubbu
Shell script for log archiving
I have an nfs mount /logfile/project mounted on several of my application server machines. I have 5 jvms running on each machine and I have several machines. the jvms logs are created and rotated...
Posted By gubbu
Comment a line with SED
I have around 25 hosts and each hosts has 4 instance of jboss and 4 different ip attached to it . I need to make some changes to the startup scripts. Any tips appreciated. I have total of 100...
Posted By gubbu
Display output as columns using grep/awk/sed
I have several files with say something like

I can grep for "cat" and "sparrow" and usually the output is one below the other


How can I view these as columns say...
Posted By gubbu
Posted By gubbu
Calculate processing time
I have a log file which has a lot of output but I am interested in the following

Processed records: 34749; Processed files: 67445
Job run run at Thu May 6 03:00:01 PDT 2010
Job finished at Thu...
Posted By gubbu
Calculate Date from shell script
I have a txt file which now has the following output

Sat Mar 6 04:00:01
Sat Mar 6 04:02:09
processing 585
Sat Mar 6 17:00:01
Sat Mar 6 17:00:58
processing 109
Sun Mar 7 04:00:01
Sun Mar 7...
Posted By gubbu
sed to delete lines from a file by using wildcard
I have a text file with tons of data and I want to remove all lines which are have "240" regardless of ABC or BCD and shouldnt delete anything else blah blah...
Posted By gubbu
Thanks all .
Thanks all .
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