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Can you perfect my sed ?
I want to print only the lines that meet the criteria : "worde:" and "wordo;"
I got this far:
sed -n '/\([a-zA-Z]*\)\1e:\1o;/p;'

But it doesn't quite work.
Can someone please perfect it...
Posted By maximus73
Thank you Zaxxon, can go from this :-) Can...
Thank you Zaxxon, can go from this :-)

Can you explain how I would have done my initial desire though, i.e. setting a variable to a regex?
Even if I remove the $ sign
awk 'var ~ /:.*$/ {print...
Posted By maximus73
Regex and variable assignment
Hi there,
I really didn't want to have to waste people's time and ask this, but after 2 hours and running out of my own time I've decided to ask..

Basically I have a file in the format:

Posted By maximus73
Substitution mid pattern?
Hi there,

I have a file that goes like this:


That type of format, for many lines.

What I want to do is enter a new line character for after the _
I write an...
Posted By maximus73
Can someone please explain sed -n '/^$/!{s/<[^>]*>//g;p;}' filename
I came across this sed expression, and it does exactly what I want.
However I haven't got the faintest clue how it does it and thus do not feel capable of using it.

Can someone please explain how...
Posted By maximus73
Confused with sed...
Yes I know this is a bad use of cat, but just ignore it please :P
My problem is with sed.

File: "newFile" contains:

Command I run:
cat newFile | sed 's/day/night'

This returns:
Posted By maximus73
Thank you,
Thank you,
Posted By maximus73
Multiple line duplicates
I'm trying to find the text that occurs for both numbers not just one, I'm sure there's an easy way to do this but I can't see it. Can someone point me in the right direction? Not just give me an...
Posted By maximus73
sed error unterminated `s' command
I have list of data I have cut down to format:

... etc etc

I am using sed command to remove the [

sed 's/[//'
Returns error:

sed: -e expression #1, char 5:...
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