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Forum: Programming 09-19-2007
Posted By arunviswanath
What is the output of the following program considering an x86 based parameter passing sequence where stack grows towards lower memory addresses and that arguments are evaluated from right to left:
Posted By arunviswanath
fork() system call
Can anyone explain me what really happens when a system call fork() is called ?

I like to know what happens internally.

Thanks in Advance.

- Arun
Forum: Programming 09-19-2007
Posted By arunviswanath
Hi ,

I like to find the size of an array in the function which takes an array as a parameter .


void fun(int a[])
// Size of an array `a` to be calculated here

int main()
Forum: Programming 07-05-2007
Posted By arunviswanath
C program Output
The output I got for this pgm is "4 4 4 4".
Can any one help me to understand how I got this output.

Also please suggest me some links to learn about argumnets evaluation in C.

# include...
Forum: Programming 01-30-2007
Posted By arunviswanath
Hi All, Thanks for all your Info. Event I...
Hi All,
Thanks for all your Info.
Event I tried changing my code , even now also i'm not getting my string printed.My code follows

my structure:
typedef struct
int i;
char *str; // things...
Forum: Programming 01-29-2007
Posted By arunviswanath
Socket Programming
Hi ,
I'm facing the following problem in socket programming.

My structure is

struct {
int i;
char *str;

I'm creating the pointer to this structure and assigning the value to...
Forum: Programming 10-06-2006
Posted By arunviswanath
Reg: strncpy function
Hi All,
Please clear the following doubt.

int main()
char str1[25];
char str2[] = "HelloWorld";
int len = strlen(str2);
strncpy(str1, str2, len);
str1[len] = '\0';
printf("%s", str1);
Forum: Programming 07-19-2006
Posted By arunviswanath
char *p and char p[].
Can anyone please explain me the difference between char *p and char p[] ?

Thanks in Advance,
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