Sco 5.06 How To Mount A 2nd Hdd Help Help!!!!

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Operating Systems SCO Sco 5.06 How To Mount A 2nd Hdd Help Help!!!!
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Old 05-09-2008
Sco 5.06 How To Mount A 2nd Hdd Help Help!!!!

Hi guys,

I have this problem ,
One of our client's hdd went down and we cannot boot up the machine , I've installed a new hdd with a fresh copy of SCO 5.0.6 same as the one in the old HDD, i think the data still good in the old HDD.

My question!!!
How can i access the data from the fresh copy of unix.
BOTH HDD are connect it using SCSI same controller.
PLease I'm not very good using unix SCO.

Please please i really need to get this data for this client up and running.

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Old 05-09-2008
I've never used SCO. Systematic way goes as follows:

What gives the shell command "mount"? That will be some lines with (mountpoint, hardware, options) tupels to you. Have a look at the hardware part. In some way the SCSI ID will be part of device file. Alter that file to match the old drive. Mount it with "mount /dev/olddevice /mnt/dir_for_old_drive" (create dir before, act as root).
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Old 05-12-2008
Mounting a disk drive that you want to save data on.

It's not a striaght forward action as just mounting the drive - SCO has no SCSI mount information so the drive has to be configured in SCO SCSI tables before you can access it. It's a rather complicated procedure.

SCO site has a technical document regarding this. TA# 104863

It is intitled " How do I add a SCSI or IDE disk that has data I want to keep? "

It has step by step instructions for adding a drive.

Here is a direct link to the relevent document.

How do I add a SCSI or IDE disk that has data I want to keep?
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Old 07-14-2008
same problem i found in my side. my os is sco 5.0.6
1) you start your new hdd scsi with new installed sco 5.0.6
2) find divvy command and just run it and write the tabel information
3) add your old hdd (currupt hdd) in scsi .
4) again boot with 2 hdd.
5) check again divvy command. it will show you extra table information
*** be carefull in secound you can lost your data **
do not change olddata information just give name for new mount area
and save it,reboot
now if what you say your hdd is currect then you may found in /mnt

best of luck
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Old 10-22-2008
Add hdd in sco unix

How to add Hdd in sco Unix

Pls give me proper guidence..

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