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Remote connection trought Telnet

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Operating Systems SCO Remote connection trought Telnet
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Old 04-21-2008
Remote connection trought Telnet

Well... finally I took and old SCO Server and it works fine to keep working my ERP, but now I have a "LITTLE" trouble... with the other server we've made a connection trought TinyTerm with a DYNDNS Domain, in my firewall I noticed that there's a RULE establishing that the IP (Server IP in my local network) redirect to Port 23 (default of Telnet I think) I think that it's a kind of mapping (tell me if I wrong)... but the actual server don't make this connection, TinyTerm send me an Out of time Error, as all of you can see I'm confused Smilie

If I try to connect in the LAN there's no problem.. I can connect to the server but the trouble came when I try to connect "WAN" trought the ADSL to (

What it could be happening? The port in the firewall it's wrong? or simply I have to configure in the server this port or another? How can I check what port it's the Telnet port making the connection in SCO?

My firewall it's mOnOwall, and runs Ok, the server runs SCO Openserver R. 5
Thanks to all!!!!
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Old 04-22-2008
To connect by telnet correctly (port 23) you need to have the default gateway correctly set in you SCO 5 server. Version before 5.0.7 may not correctly use the default gateway stored in your "netconf" settings. One simple fix is to create a "start-up" script which should ensure that the default gateway is always set.

Using a text editor (like vi) create /etc/rc2.d/S99route with

# S99route : To specify default route to the Internet
/etc/route add default <ip address of your network's router / firewall>
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Old 04-22-2008
Thanks a lot for the information, I'm a newer user of SCO Unix but i will try to do the maximum to resolve this with a help of you... the script I got to do it only contains the lines you write ...
# S99route : To specify default route to the Internet

/etc/route add default <ip address of your network's router / firewall>

my mOnOwall got the IP, where can I put this address or what is the script content with this IP, sorry I got no exprience with scripts, but I will try to understand the script if you have enough time to send me it...

mmm can I manipulate this trought the scoadmin?...

I change through the scoadmin the TCP/IP protocol use a Gateway, the system ask to me for a relink the kernel, this operation (relink) don't affect to my configuration/installation?
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Old 04-22-2008
SCO is not like most versions of Linux. Network changes force a kernel relink since network drivers on in the kernel.

The IP address need to be at the <......>.

So line:

/etc/route add default <ip address of your network's router / firewall>

should look like

/etc/route add default
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Old 04-24-2008

a lot of thanks man, you help me too much. This is what I've searching for.

Thanks to all the people that make possible this forum. Stay on the way.

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