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making an iso file...

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Operating Systems SCO making an iso file...
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making an iso file...

can i make an iso file from my DAT tape?
pref .ISO?

the thing is ..
i have an 5.0.7 and
a complete backup of hd (cpio cmd) on to tape (find . -depth -print | cpio -oVcB -C 20480 -O /dev/rStp0)
that i made after booting from boot&root floppies
now i want to take this backup and dump it on to my VMware
after succciding in converting the Boot&Root floppies to .img files (VMware recognize)
i got the prompt but i have no tape on my host!!
is there any way to convert this tape to iso file or img file??

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How about...
Use dd to copy the tape back to a single file (dd if=/dev/Stp0 of=/tmp/tape ), with an appropriate block size.
Use mkisofs to create the iso file, and use cdrecord to copy to cd/dvd

Two issues, will the tape fit on the cd/dvd, and do you have enough free disk space, (not more than 25 percent used)?
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with an appropriate block size?...

what is the appropriate block size?

p.s - no problem with space!
# 4  
Try bs=1024k for one megabyte as a minimum.
# 5  

been trying to find a rilaible link to your sugested software..
with no luck..
can you link me pls to a sco version of the software?
# 6  
Install Maintenance Pack 5, which you can download from SCO's web The SCO Group, Inc. | Support | Update | Download | Release

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