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Old 02-05-2008
VxFS filesystem


Am basically working on VxFS filesystem and while tracking the file, I got stuck at one point.

As I am able to locate the superblock(it is at offset 1024 from the start of partition). And from superblock I got the sector no. of "OLT extent".

By jumping to the sector no where OLT begins, I got the block no. of "Initial Inode List & it's replica".

From this, I jump to the sector no. where the Initial Inode List begins, now am unable to proceed further. Can anyone please help me. Basically I want to track a file in VXFS filesystem.

Thanks and Regards
Himanshu Gulati
Software Engineer
R&D Department
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Old 02-07-2008
Hi All,

now i have reached further in vxfs filesystem but again I got stuck at one point.

from superblock i got the olt extents and from olt extent i got the block no. of the initial inode list. By reading the inode of fileset header file, I got the address of fileset header file and its size.

Fileset header file has 2 major components:
1) Structural Fileset Header,
2) Primary Fileset Header

By reading "Primary Fileset Header", I got the "IAU inode" and "inode list". Now jumping to the inode which I got from inode list, I don't get anything meaningful.

So, anyone can help me.

Thanks and Regards
R&D Department
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