Incorrect Disk Partition - New Install SCO 6.0

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Operating Systems SCO Incorrect Disk Partition - New Install SCO 6.0
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Old 12-29-2007
Incorrect Disk Partition - New Install SCO 6.0

New IBM x3400 machine with a raid 5 configuration. Go through the early setup routine to the point where I answer the questions for time zone, machine name. Enter continue and get a message stating :
"Incorrect disk partitioning cannot continue" This is a sco message, refers to the installation guide. There is no information there. I also checked SCO online and have found no reference to this message. Has anyone encountered this problem and have been able to resolve it.
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Old 01-11-2008
If you have SATA RAID, it is not supported.
Your only option is to set the drives to enhanced mode in the CMOS,
install SCO 6 on the primary drive, and then buy the Veritas ODM product (from SCO) to use software RAID.
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