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Operating Systems SCO Restore from HP Tape Drive
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Old 11-26-2007
Error Restore from HP Tape Drive

Here is the scenario. We have an billing system that ran on SCO 5.0.6. The HP Netserver went dwon, along with SCSI disks. They are unretrievable. I installed an IDE HDD, and reinstalled SCO. I am not too familiar w/ SCO or UNIX, and need to know how to install Tape drive, and how to restore from tape drive. I have tried mkdev tape to install, but I am having some difficulties. I am assuming, once drive is installed and working, I will then run tar tvf /dev/rct0 | page to view contents of tape, then tar xvf /dev/rct0 to restore all data and overwrite current SCO installation. Please advise. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. - Jon
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Old 11-26-2007
I used SCO about 20 years ago, so can't remember diddleysquat.
Is the admin tool sysadmsh, or something like that?
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Old 11-26-2007
Bug re:

I believe so - I think that takes you to the admin shell. Here is my main problem. I am logged in as root, and when I try to run
# tar tvf /dev/rct0
system then replies with
tar: cannot find /dev/rct0 or something along those lines.
I am also not sure what to do when installing this SCSI tape drive, or if it is already installed and needs linked to rct0????

when I try
# mkdev tape

I choose 1.) SCSI Tape Drive
then from there I do not really know what to do. The SCSI tape drive is an HP SureTape DAT 40. I have been fooling around for a while and I am getting very frustrated.

But I know the great people in this forum can help me out.

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Old 11-27-2007
If my memory serves my well,
type scoadmin, then i believe there is an option Hardware manager or something, and then scroll until SCSI tape/drive. Im' not sure what comes then, but you can try
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Old 11-27-2007

I have already basically done that. When you execute
# mkdev tape
it takes you to the same menu.

Thanks for the response though!

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Old 11-27-2007
Ah a DAT40 - was that supported in SCO?

An alternative approach is to mount it on another system and use remsh to get its output to the local box (it's something like remsh "dd if=/dev/mytape" | tar tvf).

A quick google for "sco tape drive" gave some hits.
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Old 11-30-2007
Hammer & Screwdriver Re: Sco Tape Drive

I will give this a try. I am very scatter brained right now and apologize. Just working on many different projects. This is a high priority though. Apparently this tape drive was somehow supported in SCO because it was functional, and I would have to sometimes run backups of our medical billing software (CMHC now known as NETSMART) to the HP Surestore DAT 40. This SCO system we have (had) was all up and running until a power surge hit the HP NETSERVER 3000LH and somehow fried the SCSI RAID controller and or SCSI drives. I can view the SCSI drives through the HP NETRAID Utility that is already installed, and ran some of the utilites. When this all happened, I attempted to hot swap the SCSI drives (but do not have a key to do so because the people that worked before me who I never met, did not leave it anywhere that we can find it, and I tried to just bust the lock with a similiar key that fits in but failed). I also attempted to find data on the SCSI drives but none was found. The system simply stopped booting. The Tape drive was in the server, and all of this was configured for years. My other dilema is that I do not have any other SCSI devices, adapters, etc to work off of. I did however install the GUI desktop environment of SCO and got it up and running to attempt to somehow access this tape drive, but again I do not really know what I am doing. I am going to order a USB SCSI adapter and make this tape drive an external tape drive. I have SCo also installed on another desktop machine to attempt to access the data. The only good thing is that the backup tape I have contains the ENTIRE SCO system, as well as the CMHC software and database. ONCE I GET HIS TAPE DRIVE INSTALLED CORRECTLY, I WILL HOPEFULLY BE ABLE TO RUN A SIMPLE TAR COMMAND TO RESTORE THE SYSTEM BACK TO IT'S ORIGINAL FORMAT. I HOPE TO GOD BECAUSE I AM GOING FREAKING CRAZY. THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE HELPED ME HERE, IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED AND THE FAVORS WILL DEFINITELY BE RETURNED ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

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