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SCO6 NFS Problem mounting Windows resource

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Operating Systems SCO SCO6 NFS Problem mounting Windows resource
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Old 07-11-2007
SCO6 NFS Problem mounting Windows resource


We are testing SCO6 for an upgrade.

We currently have a SCO5.0.4 system that mounts
a remote directory on a Windows 2000 server.
The windows server has 'services for unix' installed
to enable the required directory to be mounted on the SCO system.
On SCO we run '/etc/mount -v -f NFS winserver:C:/xdir /mnt'
This works fine on SCO5.0.4.

We are planning to upgrade to SCO6.
Problem is - the mount does not work properly.
When the mount command is issued - it appears to
work (& it does not return an error code).

But, when we do a 'df' to have a look at the mounted
filesystems - it shows:
"df: cannot determine filesystem type of winserver:C:/xdir"
We can 'cd' to /mnt - but doing a 'pwd' just returns a blank line.

Apart from these problems - we can list the files in the remote
windows directory.
We can create a file but get problems when trying to delete
the file.

We realise that SCO6 is NFSv3 & SCO5.0.4 is likely to v2 or older.

Anybody advise on this? - Thanks
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Old 07-11-2007
You could switch to Samba, and export a unix directory that you could mount on the windows system as a shared folder.
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Old 07-18-2007
thanks - jgt

Samba is bundled in with Sco6 - so we have activated it & exported a share.
This looks good.

'swat' was very useful in setting this up.

Thanks for the advice.
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