SCO 5.0.7 driver for HP SmartArray P410i Controller on Proliant DL380 G7?

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Operating Systems SCO SCO 5.0.7 driver for HP SmartArray P410i Controller on Proliant DL380 G7?
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Old 07-26-2019
SCO 5.0.7 driver for HP SmartArray P410i Controller on Proliant DL380 G7?


I hope this is the right forum.

I am attempting to install SCO 5.0.7 on a Proliant DL380 G7 with a Smart Array P410I Controller.
I need a driver for this. Can anybody point me to a download?
Thanks in anticipation.
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Old 07-26-2019
Hmmmm........sounds a bit tricky. I'm not giving any guarantees but I would start here:

Drivers & Software - HPE Support Center.

This packages has been enhanced and enhanced and used to support HP 410i Smartarray beefore more recent ones were added. Also AFAIR, all HP Smartarrays can be driven with the hpsa driver set. However, this package allows you to create media for btld (boot-time load driver) which is what you are going to need. If this package doesn't work for you try searching for hpsa driver.

If I think of anything more I'll post again. Good luck with it.

PS. Also you have a G7 there and this mentions up to G4.

PPS. Also take a peek at this guy who is playing with a G6..............
在HP Proliant DL380 G6上安...SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 | hadenchen

PPPs. Since you are talking about a G7 here are you sure the RAID controller is a P410i? Is this on-board or add-in?

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Old 07-26-2019
Go to the sco site and check the certified hardware list.

According to the hardware list, only the P400 controller is supported, and i am pretty sure that the P410 was never supported.

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Old 07-27-2019
hicksd8, jgt.

Many thanks for the replies.

I'll try the hpsa BTLD and return with the outcome. Incidentally I see there is also an hpsas. Any idea what the difference is?

--- Post updated at 02:49 PM ---

Ok, I give up.

Can anyone tell me where I can find the BTLD downloads for either hpsa ore hpsas?

I see that someone mentions that it is part of an EFS 5.770a tar file. Problem is that I don't have a Unix server to process a tar file until I build this server. Catch-22. A simple BTLD image file would be great.
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Old 07-27-2019
I used a Linux system to download and extract the EFS package from HP.
The following is an extract from the README
NOTE: If you have downloaded and extracted the tarball contents on a
windows box, you may use the rawrite.exe file to create EFS
diskette set. You may download from SCO website
at Refer to RAWRITE.DOC
file present in for license agreement and usage.

If you encounter problems creating diskettes using rawrite.exe,
please copy VOL.00#.000 to VOL.00# (where # is 0 for first VOL
image, 1 for second VOL image and so on) and try creating the
disks again.
Then you have a new problem: how to create a diskette. I do not know if a BTLD can be on a CDrom.

PS. Is it possible to create a USB stick to imitate a USB floppy?

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Old 07-27-2019
This is where a USB floppy drive comes in really handy both to write the BTLD floppies on the Linux box and read them (as BTLD driver(s)) on installation.

Perhaps try to acquire, beg, borrow or steal one of those.
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Old 07-27-2019
Originally Posted by jgt
PS. Is it possible to create a USB stick to imitate a USB floppy?

Hmmm, well, yes - quite some time ago I managed to make a USB stick look like a bootable 180 kB floppy to my PC, composing floppy boot sector structures (BIOS parameter block, NO MBR!), FREEDOS boot files, and a rescue program into a very small partition. Booting it was a two step process: set the BIOS to recognize the stick as a floppy, and then booting the stick.
Interested in the details?

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