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Need SCO 5.0.5 install media

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Need SCO 5.0.5 install media

I need to reinstall SCO Openserver 5.0.5. I have a license, but the install media is long lost. Can anyone help me find an .iso?
# 2  
I have 5.0.6 which you can have (since you already have a legal license key).

Let's see if anyone can give you 5.0.5.
# 3  
Or you can opt for a complete unused 5.0.6 media kit, complete with boot diskette.

There are many issues with 5.0.5
# 5  
You can install 506 using the 505 keys.
505 does not reliably work on anything newer than a Pentium 3. Intel moved cpu thermal control from the cmos to the operating system with the P4. 505 does not have any temperature control.
505 is not fully Y2K compliant.
I have a 505 iso. You will probably have to burn this to a CD not a DVD in order for it to work.
# 6  
The server is a dual pentium 3 so 5.0.5 should work fine. How do I obtain the ISO?
# 7  
send me an email and i will reply with sftp credentials. Email address is in my contact info.
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