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Lp ERROR when printing by request-id

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Lp ERROR when printing by request-id

Running SCO 5.0.7 and when users besides root or lp execute lp -i request-id -H resume for held print requests an error "You aren't allowed to do that" to fix "You must be logged in as lp or root" is received. Users can execute lp (without these options) along with lpstat without errors. This is obviously a permissions problem but I can't locate the file or executable and the permissions that are incorrect.
This machine and the printers are not new. They were working without error for some time. There are both serial and ethernet printers and the problem is identical for both. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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It might be correct that modifying the job queue handling requires special rights.
Check your SCO administration manual!
Maybe users have to be added to the group lp?
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