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Any Other Browser for SCO UNIX OpenServer?

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Any Other Browser for SCO UNIX OpenServer?

Obviously, the client browsers which came with SCO UNIX OpenServer, Netscape and Mozilla, are horribly outdated now. Does anyone know of a relatively current browser which will work in their place?
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1. Download the Definitive version of Openserver, and try it for a month.
2. Purchase an Intel NUC system and velcro it to the back of your monitor.
3. Install SCO Wabi, then either Win95 or Win98 and then Internet Explorer 6.
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I do have Windows ME installed under Merge. I then attempted to install AOL 9, but it reverted to AOL7--which AOL has discontinued supporting. I do wonder about Internet Explorer 6 though. What does the Definitive version of OpenServer have for a browser? Can I do an in-place install with it? Thanks.
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