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Error F painit on bootup

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Error F painit on bootup

I have a known good external SCSI HD running SCO UNIX OpenServer 5.0.7. I decided that I wanted to be able to run this drive on another computer, so I bought the same SCSI card as before (LSI) and then attempted to boot on the other system. The bootup process hung with the error F painit. I've never seen this before--does anyone know what this means? I know that the LSI card is good because I've used it to boot to Windows Server--and this OS installed the driver and sees the card perfectly. The two computers both use Gigabyte motherboards, but they're not the same model. Still, I don't think that should make a difference.
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What is the manufacturing date of the replacement board?
Boards manufactured since mid 2012 (designed for Windows 8) can cause issues.

You may be able to determine if the mb is usable by:
Boot the motherboard from an SCO 5.0.7 cd, (with or without a hard disk), and see how far you can get with the installation.
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The LSI card was manufactured on or before 2012. It works fine in my original system, as does the hard drive. The motherboard for the original system is GA-X58A-UD7. The motherboard for the alternate system is GA-EP45-UD3P. The boot process gets to step F, which is for I/O, I think, and it hangs.
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Can you check the CMOS and ensure that the sata controller is set to ide and not ahci, and if there is the option also set it to compatible mode.
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Yes, the SATA controller is set to IDE, not AHCI. This is a dual boot system; the SATA drive is for Windows Server; the SCSI drive is for SCO UNIX OpenServer. I checked the CPU: it's an Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 running at 3.33 GHz; it's compatible with SCO. I don't think there's anything else I can change in the BIOS. (Besides, my original system is also dual boot--Windows 7 Pro and SCO, and here I have SATA set to AHCI--SCO boots regardless.)

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There is one difference though: the original computer has an Intel Pro/100 ethernet card, whereas the alternate computer has a RealTek Gigabit ethernet card. Could this be the source of the hangup? I would think that SCO would note the issue but then continue with the boot...
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Screenshot Attached

I've attached a jpg of the screen. I've also ordered a new Intel Pro/100+ network card to put into the alternate computer--the Realtek LAN card is really the only I/O device which is different from the original computer. I'll post again when I receive and install the new LAN card--I hope that will solve the problem.
Error F painit on bootup-sco_unix_error_step_f_bootjpg
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