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Error F painit on bootup

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# 8  
Is the Realtek nic a card, or is it a chip. If you remove it, or disable it, the system should boot even if the Intel card is not there. It will take a long time though as sendmail, apache and other tcp processes take 120 seconds each to time out.
You may want to get one of these instead of an actual Intel card.

You may also find it necessary to delete the network card configuration and add it again for the card to work.

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From eBay, the Intel Pro/100+ is only $13.75, so it's no big deal. The Realtek LAN ports (2) are chips, not a card. I disabled them in BIOS--but I still got the same F painit message on boot. So let's wait for the Pro/100+....
# 10  
The saga continues. The Intel Pro/100+ card came in and I installed it in the alternate system. I booted to the Windows Server 2003 drive--and the OS saw the card and installed the driver perfectly--thus I know the card is fine. Then I shutdown Windows Server 2003 and booted to the SCO UNIX OpenServer drive--and again it stopped at step F of the boot. I do have an LPT3 card in the original computer and one in the alternate computer. However, they're not the same brand, so I therefore decided to buy another LPT3 card from the manufacturer, Axxon, which is in the original system--and which I definitely know works with SCO. I'll post back when I get the new LPT3 card installed (of course taking out the other one). My goal here is to have two redundant systems.
# 11  
Can you put the disk back in the original system, and boot, then look at the last 60 lines of /usr/adm/messages. This file contains the same information as displayed on the screen in the boot process.
You should then be able to tell which piece of hardware is causing the problem.
# 12  
The new Axxon LPT3 card came in today, and I immediately installed it in the alternate system--and SCO OpenServer came right up! So now I have total redundancy--this took three cards: LSI Dual SCSI, Intel Pro/100+, and Axxon LPT3. This is quite a relief!
# 13  
I would suggest that you do one more thing since it appears that you will not be able to boot the system if the Axxon card fails.

Remove the driver, re-link the kernel and save it in /stand as unix.no_axxon, then re-install the driver.
If the card fails, or has to be removed, you can still get the system started by entering unix.no_axxon at the Boot: prompt.
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