Power off on SCO 5.0.6

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Old 03-08-2018
Power off on SCO 5.0.6

hi all i have a doubt,
have a server sco 5.0.6 and i need him do a shutdown in at night

but not only shutdown ,, shutdown a poweroff. is possible?

shutdown -g0 -i0 only make a shutdown but steel need some to press a button
any command to make power off???
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Old 03-08-2018
Firstly, your hardware must support the power-off operation which means having a suitable PSU and the function suitably enabled in the BIOS.

Secondly, you need an operating system that supports powering off and is configured to allow that.

Thirdly, you need to issue that appropriate command. This is usually the 'init' command with the correct init level (depending on O/S) which for SCO, as far as I remember, is:

# init 0

(means shutdown the O/S)

# init 6

(means reboot the O/S)

# init 5

(means shutdown and power off)

# init n

(means change to runlevel 'n')

So whether it will work or not depends on a number of things. All you can do is try it and see what happens.
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Old 03-08-2018
shutdown -iLevel and init Level use the level definition from /etc/inittab.
Run the following command to see its mam page (or click to browse the URL):
man inittab
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Old 03-08-2018
Read the following section of the init command man page.
       Shut the machine down so it is safe to remove the power.              
       Have the machine remove power if it can. This state can be            
       executed only from the console.                                       
       Note that init 0 should not be used if you have a USB                 
       keyboard attached to the console. During an init 0, the               
       USB stack gets shut down and the system then waits for a              
       keyboard keypress interrupt before rebooting. Since USB is            
       gone, there's no way for a keypress on the USB keyboard to            
       get serviced, and the system does not respond. If this                
       occurs, you must either press the hardware reset button or            
       power cycle the system.                                               
       Put the system in single-user mode. Unmount all file                  
       systems except the root filesystem. All user processes are            
       killed except those connected to the console. It is                   
       recommended that this state be executed only from the                 
       Put the system in multiuser mode. All multiuser                       
       environment terminal processes and daemons are spawned.               
          Stop the UNIX system and go to the firmware monitor.                  
          Stop the UNIX system and reboot to the run-level defined              
          by the initdefault entry in /etc/inittab.

The above is from the 6.0.0 documentation but is backwards compatible to Xenix.

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If you are unable to power down the system, because the cmos does not support it, you may be able to create a workaround using a UPS that you can send a "power off in 5 minutes" command to just prior to shutting down the SCO system.
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