Virtualization a bare metal SCO Open Server 6?

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Old 01-15-2018
Virtualization a bare metal SCO Open Server 6?


We have a SCO Open Server 6 running on bare metal hardware, this is used for a legacy application that we continue to need.

I would like to migrate/virtualize the SCO server into VMware so that I can do VM level backups, etc.

I did test to make sure SCO 6.0 can run in VMware/ESXi and it seems to work fine, I did a new ISO install and all runs stable.

What I need to do is some sort of P2V because we need to preserve the application that is running on the bare metal hardware (we have no install media or instructions for this app - super legacy).

Has anyone done a P2V for SCO6? I read somewhere we can use MicroLite's BackupEdge but seems it only supports SCO6 that is already running within a VMware environment. I also found a few threads suggesting booting to a Linux distro and using tools like "dd" or "ghost" do clone the disk.

Trying to figure out the best method to approach this, would be very interested in some real world examples of users doing this and how they went about it?
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Old 01-15-2018
There a number of commercial tools available for this purpose. Some are better than others. My personal choice would be Storix – Linux, AIX and Solaris Backup and System Recovery Software, apparently from the people who wrote the AIX tool mksysb It allows you to change storage allocations and network configuration during the recovery process. I'm pretty sure it works with SCO too.

Others are available such as Christie Clone Manager, but I found Storix better for my needs.

I'm not sure how far back either of them support, but I hope that this is useful.

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Old 01-15-2018
Do you know if Storix works for SCO Open Server 6 P2V? Their website has AIX/Solaris listed but not SCO specifically. They do offer a trial so i guess I can try it and see if it works.

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I gave this a try and it is not possible with storix.

When I run it on SCO Open Server 6 I get a "System Type "SCO_SV" is invalid." error message. Just a FYI for anyone else that stumbles here. Going to try Microlite next.
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rbatte1 (01-16-2018)
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Old 01-16-2018
I was able to transplant the OS with Microlite - though it took a few hours to get it to work. Had to create a rescue boot CD using Microlite from a fresh SCO6 install in VMware and use that to boot and bring up networking, so we can access the master backup.

Trying to use the Microlite rescue media created within the hardware we're migrating off did not work when booted in VMware - it was not able to bring up network interface.

I suspect a driver issue going on but my workaround worked.

Issue now is my legacy app that uses Thoroughbred BASIC - it is asking for production activation - which is likely tied to hardware and since that has changed it thinks its a new install.

I wonder what my chances are at getting the activation code from the vendor, is still around but this is a end of life OS Smilie
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Old 01-16-2018
Yea that was my thinking as well but I dropped them an email anyway to see if i get anywhere.

The bare metal system shows..

Alias    - Address  - Inquiry String
--------   --------   --------------
hba1     - c0b0t2   - (ide,2) Generic IDE/ATAPI
disk1    - c0b0t0l0 - WDC WD800JD-75MSA3      10.0

The vmware vm shows it like this... vmware —

Looks like both are identified as IDE/ATAPI?

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