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Virtualization a bare metal SCO Open Server 6?

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If you are concerned about the reliability of the hardware, you can upgrade the disk to SSD, and the processor/motherboard to a 2012 I-core.
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I was hoping to move the bare metal into a VM; that way I can do VM level backups and in case of restore it is much easier in VMware.

But I doubt we'll be able to get passed this licensing roadblock, so likely will just need to stock up on exact same hard drive off ebay.

I wonder what triggers tbasic to ask for activation - you think this is because the disk controller changed? Thinking ahead - if we stick with bare metal - and have to swap a failed disk down the road will we run into a similar issue or so as long as the hardware is the same it should not trigger tbasic to look for new activation.
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The software is locked using a technique called inode locking.
When activation occurs, the inode number of one of the files is made data in a file. It is difficult (but not impossible) to change the inode number of a file,
As long as you do sector mode copying, you can replace the disk.
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Interesting, so if we ran Microlite's BackupEdge to create a master backup that we later had to restore in case of a hard drive failure, likely it would give us the same issue as I don't think it is sector by sector copy - seems to be it was file by file but more fancy in that it also backs up your boot volume, partitions, etc.
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The solution is to create a second disk now using a disk duplicating program and put it on the shelf.
If the production disk fails, then you install the backup disk with today's data on it and boot from it, then do a restore from your BackupEdge media.
If you want to be more secure, build a complete second system, and do a daily restore of your Edge backups. Just make sure both machines are not on the same local area subnet.
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