Issue during boot

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Old 10-16-2017
You can boot from floppy in order to check and potentially correct a root filesystem. However, you will a 'boot' floppy and a 'root' floppy to get a shell. You need both of them.

What SCO version CD do you have?

See my post#13 on this thread here with regards creating new floppies from a distribution CD. You may also learn something by reading all of that thread.

It probably won't matter if the floppies are a few revisions out from the installed system; you should be able to 'fsck' the root.
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Old 10-19-2017
JGT's comment:
"As far as I remember, the install disk (N1) is only good to load a kernel and start the installation process from the cd. "

The 5.0.4 N1 was broken. I used the 5.0.5 version which accomplished the same thing.
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