Passwd without prompt

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Operating Systems SCO Passwd without prompt
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Hello jochen,

Maybe try:
echo -e "$password\n$password" | passwd "$user"


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ui_compat(3)							      OpenSSL							      ui_compat(3)

des_read_password, des_read_2passwords, des_read_pw_string, des_read_pw - Compatibility user interface functions SYNOPSIS
int des_read_password(DES_cblock *key,const char *prompt,int verify); int des_read_2passwords(DES_cblock *key1,DES_cblock *key2, const char *prompt,int verify); int des_read_pw_string(char *buf,int length,const char *prompt,int verify); int des_read_pw(char *buf,char *buff,int size,const char *prompt,int verify); DESCRIPTION
The DES library contained a few routines to prompt for passwords. These aren't necessarely dependent on DES, and have therefore become part of the UI compatibility library. des_read_pw() writes the string specified by prompt to standard output turns echo off and reads an input string from the terminal. The string is returned in buf, which must have spac for at least size bytes. If verify is set, the user is asked for the password twice and unless the two copies match, an error is returned. The second password is stored in buff, which must therefore also be at least size bytes. A return code of -1 indicates a system error, 1 failure due to use interaction, and 0 is success. All other functions described here use des_read_pw() to do the work. des_read_pw_string() is a variant of des_read_pw() that provides a buffer for you if verify is set. des_read_password() calls des_read_pw() and converts the password to a DES key by calling DES_string_to_key(); des_read_2password() oper- ates in the same way as des_read_password() except that it generates two keys by using the DES_string_to_2key() function. NOTES
des_read_pw_string() is available in the MIT Kerberos library as well, and is also available under the name EVP_read_pw_string(). SEE ALSO
ui(3), ui_create(3) AUTHOR
Richard Levitte ( for the OpenSSL project ( 0.9.7a 2001-10-25 ui_compat(3)

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