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Acronis true image for UNIXware 7.1.4

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Acronis true image for UNIXware 7.1.4


Please can anyone advise if Acronis true image can be used to take a image backup of the disk on sco unixware 7.1.4 and what version of software would I need to use this. The FS are vxfs. Would I need to power off the server before I can use this.

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Is this a full disk, or is it just a file system that you want to copy.

I have tried Aconis a number of times, where I'm doing Physical to Physical migrations so generally whole disk copies and quite often have had a number of problems.

I have had better success with Clonezilla at the disk level.

Both Acronis and Clonezilla will need the system to be booted from the media to ensure a consistant copy.

What would help is the following;

Is this a single disk or a volume group with a number of disks in it?

The output of;

vxdisk -o alldgs list
vxprint –vp

Also a description of the hardware would be handy as well.



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