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Creating a VM

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Operating Systems SCO Creating a VM
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Creating a VM

Also, in my tinkering around I was able to get SCO installed on a VM, using VM Workstation version 12.5 in a Windows 7 Pro-64 computer. I chose the VM Workstation 8.x compatibility model for my VM, an IDE hard drive at 0:0 and an IDE CD Rom at 1:0 using the physical drive of the computer. Using the defbootstr command at installation it went like a champ. I even installed the keyboard mouse and the graphic screen/mouse is working. The only problem I have is I can't find instructions about how to install the network card driver. I selected "bridge mode" when I created the VM, and SCO did not recognize my NIC at installation, it is a Realtek PCIe GBE Family NIC on the mother board. I believe it is compatible with 5.0.6a, and I think I found the driver, but I have no clue how to get it installed. My only option is from a CD (I think) and I don't know how to do that. The Software Manager does not recognize what I downloaded and burned to the CD as "software" and I am clueless - could you advise me? I can't find any instructions online. I would like to have this VM as a "backup" plan, I would not use it unless the physical server goes down again. Thanks again for all your help.

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Run netconfig to add a new network card.
How the driver is installed depends upon the format of the device driver file.

If it is VOL.000.000 then it is installed through 'custom'. Otherwise it may have a setup or intall binary or script, or it may install using pkgadd.
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There are two files in the ZIP download - a GBE.VOL file, and a SETUP file, which upon examining with Notepad appears to be guidance on copying the VOL file and using "custom" to install. However - I don't know how to copy the contents of the CD to the /tmp directory in root, or how to run the SETUP file from the CD. I have been able to successfully 'mount' the CD drive but after that I don't know how to copy from or access it - and I can't find any help in Google or my SCO handbook. Any clue would be appreciated. Thanks.
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mount /dev/cd0 /mnt
cd /mnt
***if the file name is not VOL.000.000
cp filename /tmp/VOL.000.000

within custom, select media images and enter the directory location of the VOL file.
umount /dev/cd0

I usually create a directory somewhere and give it a meaningful name and then copy the VOL file into it.
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OK, wow I am really new to the VM concept when it comes to networking. I got the Realtek drivers installed in SCO, and the LAN Adapter is added and I've configured the TCP/IP settings the way I want them. The kernel was rebuilt and reassigned, etc. I rebooted thinking then that I would get a reply using ping to the new IP but no go. So I checked the network adapter settings in the host computer, and it shows 2 VMware virtual adapters, as well as the physical adapter. I don't know if I need to assign the same IP as I'm using in the SCO VM to either of the virtual adapters (and if so, which one?) or to the physical adapter, which right now is set to DHCP obtain address automatically. Any further advice about this will be appreciated. Thanks.

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