Need Help With System Recovery After HD Errors

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OK, I tried that and it still will not read the disk in the drive, the light does not come on and it keeps saying I need to insert the CD in the drive. Now I have another problem - it appears something went wrong with either my floppy drive or my boot disk. When I press <enter> at the Boot: prompt now, I get the following message:
fd(60)unix ram.fd-254
unix not found

Everything stops right there. I have used the CD to create a new "install" floppy, but it says the same thing.

I have both a USB CD drive and a USB floppy drive. When I boot with the CD in the USB drive, it loads everything like it is going to install. I get all the way up to the part where it asks where my installation CD is, and no matter what option I try, the installation does not find or read my CD at that point.

I read online that SCO treats USB drives like SCSI drives, but I can't make out which one (during the setup process) is actually the USB CD drive. If I can figure that out, do you think the installation will be able to proceed past this? I don't remember how I ever got this installed 12 years ago.

I really appreciate your help - any ideas?
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Duh, my bad. The whole problem was that my CD drive was not working right. I replaced with a different one, and now installation is progressing. It is performing a Bad Track check - I assume automatic before installing - is there any way to skip or abort that? Based on time so far, it's going to take all day just for that. Let me know - Thanks!
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You can cancel the installation, and start again. There is an option to bypass the bad tracking.
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Hey - I got the O/S installed and the NIC is working, the server is replying to ping. I now want to go to Microlite Corporation - Home of BackupEDGE 3.x and download my backup software so I can try to restore my tape backup. The test of internet connection is passed, but when I try to navigate to microlite I get a message about security algorythms not being assigned, or something. what is the minimum I need to do in order to be able to get to the download website?
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Lots of web sites don't work with the SCO browser. It is too old.
You can use ftp from the console command line
(user and password)
cd /demos/current/edgesco5
get either VOL.000.000 or edgesco5.elf

use user anonymous and password your email address.
If you are licensed for version 2, you can restore /usr/lib/edge from your tape to get a licensed version. It may be easier to restore this directory to a separate location first, and also restore /etc/edge*
Don't forget to update the schedule to get an entry in crontab
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