SCO UNIXware 7.1.4 system backups

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SCO UNIXware 7.1.4 system backups


I wonder if someone can help me, I want to backup my sco unix system, I dont have an external/internal tape drive. How can I make a system backup?
I do have a CD-RW on the server. I am new to sco unix.

Please can anyone advise on what methods I can use, I have looked a cpio.

I tried the following to test:

find /home/test -print |cpio -ocvd > /home/test/test1.cpio

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You should have two programs installed; mkisofs and cdrecord. Read the man pages for both of these, and for general background information on backing up any SCO system, read the following Technical Article.
SCO UNIX basics about tar, cpio, backup/restore and other backup methods.
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