SCO Development System for System V 3.2 R4.2

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SCO Development System for System V 3.2 R4.2

Hi Guys,
Some time ago I get a disk for my SCO System V 3.2 R4.2 tcp 1.2.1 distribution. Now 4 Year later I am serarching the development system due to the fact that System V did not come with the C compiler. There is any change to get it ? my intention is academyc only.
or anyone can tell me which C compiler can be used in this SCO System V unix? can you visit my research site Fortran Refactorings.

Thank you in advance
Best Regards
Dr. Mariano Mendez
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gcc 2.95 was ported to SCO Unix 3.2.4. There may still be binaries available to download.
Unfortunately, I had a big clean up and discarded everything over 20 years old about 6 months ago.
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Thak you for your answer, do you know were I can get these binaries on the web ?

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