Machine and domain renaming

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Old 12-20-2016
Machine and domain renaming

HELP! I am running UNIX 7.1.4 and trying to change an existing machines' name, domain, and IP address. Uname -S and the new name changes the name but even when I use netcfg, I can not change the domain and IP. It is like it still thinks it is the old machine. I can not ping the new name or IP but it can the old ones.
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Old 12-20-2016
Thx, I have that but TA, but it still will not stay changed. I may need to remove the old machine from my /etc/hosts list and add it back after making the change and relink? Thoughts?
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Old 12-20-2016
Some possibilities:
Are there 2 network cards in the system?
Even though the TA says you don't have to, do you reboot the system after making the changes?
I don't have access to a UW machine, only Openserver 6, which uses the same kernel, but mostly Openserver 5 utilities.
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