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Can not recognize network adapter SCO UNIX in HP z400

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Can not recognize network adapter SCO UNIX in HP z400

hi .I've installed an operating system SCO in HP Z400 and network cards ZyXEL model FN312 with Chipset RTL8139D put it on .network card installed but do not display network card with command ifconfig -a in list and just show loopback.
show message  :
dlpid:unable to open network adapter driver (/dev/mid/r9e0)
dlpid: no such file or directory

please Help me .
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What version of sco. And where did you get the driver for the nic?

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These drivers may work for the on board Broadcom network card.
For 507:
Xinuos Inc. | Support | Update | Download | Support

For 600:
Xinuos, Inc. | Support | Update | Download | Release
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thanks for your help
After installation, the following message at boot :
dlpid : unable to open network adapter drive (/dev/mdi/bnxii0)

dlpid : no such file or directoy

this file


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What steps did you take after installing all that software?
Some possibilities:
The nic is disabled in the CMOS.
netconfig requires that you input the PCI parameters, and you have left them at the default 0,0,0.
The nic is defective.
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The nic is Enabled in the CMOS.
NIC is not broken.
How can I find Number pci parameter ؟
tanks .

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