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Increase disk size on OS side on the fly

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Operating Systems SCO Increase disk size on OS side on the fly
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Increase disk size on OS side on the fly


I'm Linux administrator who happens to 'administer' SCO Unix 5.0.7, which is virtual server on VMware - deployed from official ovf image.

My problem is that root filesystem is almost out of disk space, and we've decided to do it as we do on every other virtual servers and extend disk on vmware level, then extend it on OS level.

However, it seems not to be that easy as I first thought it would be. When used 'divvy' utility it doesn't seem to have any free blocks that could be allocated, so I thought that there might be something else that has to be done beforehand to let the system know that something changed in disk setup. I've also tried 'mkdev hd' and recreate kernel, but after that server was unbootable, perhaps because it erased everything that was there.

Could anyone here help me to achieve disk extension on that system?
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You cannot increase the size of a HTFS partition without doing a backup and restore.
Do you have data files in the root file system, or do the log files just need to be truncated.
The easiest solution is to install Backupedge from, do a full backup, create the recovery media, resize the partition, and boot from the recovery media and do a restore. Microlite provides a 60 day full function demo.
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Thank you for suggestion. Does BackupEDGE provide a tool to resize partition?

Backup of data is not a problem at the moment, as snapshot on VMware is done, and I've already used it after tampering with partition table and disk itself.
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Yes. The RecoverEDGE boot media includes fdisk, divvy, mkfs, and the restore function.
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For some strange reason RecoverEDGE only let me make a floppy, but since it's virtual machine it doesn't have floppy to be formatted. I've read through documentation and it should have more options including ISO that could be burned, but I didn't have that option.

Ultimately I've checked our other deoployed SCO that was virtualised and compared settings and it seems that disk extension is not that necessary and I will just go with easiest solution to add additional disks and create apropriate mountpoints.

Nevertheless thanks for help.
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I will just go with easiest solution to add additional disks and create apropriate mountpoints.
Although this will allow you have more space for your current problem it is not going to clean out stuff on your root filesystem leading to the same space problem down the road in other places as log files and other stuff keeps building.

In the same circumstances on earlier systems, not virtualized, I used edge and a new temp filesystem to store stuff while the original was being cleaned off and a new filesystem and mount point was created. Edge does backup and restore to/from a filesystem location of your choice. For the burning there was the free iso creation tool and burning software from Nero, limited to CD but OK as the data was about 200mb.

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You might also consider a tool I've used before from Storix It would let you run a backup and the rebuild your server laying out new partitions as you go. Probably better than just increasing everything everywhere. Try to keep the root filesystem and others like /usr & /var to only have what is critical to get the OS to boot, perhaps with backup/recovery software included. /tmp and /home should also be separate filesystems really, ideally on separate physical volumes (or LUNs if disk is VM or SAN provided)

I'm not sure if it is available for your OS though, but please do have a read. It is very likely and is an excellent tool, apparently written by some of those that wrote mksysb for AIX.

I hope that this is useful,
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