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Trouble with sysv floppy images created under Linux

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Trouble with sysv floppy images created under Linux


I wonder if anybody could help. I'm running SCO Xenix under Qemu on Xubuntu 16.04. I created a SYSV floppy image, but the files on it are poorly displayed when I mounted it under Xenix.

I tried to create and format this image under Ubuntu as well as under Xenix.

How could I create a floppy image that were readable by Xenix ?
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I would try formatting the diskette with:
dosformat /dev/fd0135ds18
#for 3.5 floppy 1.44mb on drive A.

You can find all the possible floppy combinations in /etc/default/tar
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First, I created a 1.44mb ms-dos image using mkfs.msdos, mounted it under Ubuntu and copied the contain of a TGZ file I downloaded on the net. The contain was poorly displayed. Then I tried to format it under Xenix with dosformat, as shown above, with the same issue.

Then I tried to format it under Xenix first, using mkdev fd , mounted it under Ubuntu and tried to copy the TGZ file itself on it. But Ubuntu complained about free space on that peripheral.

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Try creating the diskette using tar then you don't have to make a file system diskette.
 tar cvf /dev/fd0 abcd.tgz

on Xenix
 tar xv6

I think that there is a 14 character file name limit on Xenix.
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I am cleaning out my library. I found most of the Xenix manuals, along with Lyrix, Foxbase+ and Professional.
If you want them, I will ship via UPS ground collect.
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