Mounting Tape Drive

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Old 06-07-2016
Mounting Tape Drive

Sorry I posted it in wrong forum first.

OK, I'm new to Unix (but an IT since DOS 6.2 era) Long story short I'm trying to help a friend who has failing Unix system which is perhaps 16 years old with SCO Openserver 3.4v4.2 with DDS90 Tape where they backup their data. I've setup a Dell Precision 390 with Unix 5.0.7 HW version and installed a Adaptec AHA-2940AU PCI card (on SCSI default ID 7) with Seagate Scorpion STD224000N Tape Drive (on SCSI ID 6). Question is how do I find the tape and how do I mount it so I can restore the data from the old machine to this.
Please help.
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Old 06-07-2016
mkdev tape

The Adaptec controller is referred to as 'alad'

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If the data on the backup tape is in tar format, then
tar xv8

should extract the data from the default tape drive.
The list of tar devices is maintained in /etc/default/tar.
The 'tape' command can be used to display the status of the drive.
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Old 06-10-2016
upon choosing "alad", it ask following:

- Which 'alad' SCSI host adapter supports this device? Select 0-4

- What SCSI Bus is this device attached to? Press <Return> to use the default:0 Select 0-n,

- What is the Target ID for this device? Select 0-15

- What is the LUN of this device? Press <Return> to use the default:0 Select 0-7

I've attached the images of the system post and boot.


Mounting Tape Drive-20160604_122601-jpg
Mounting Tape Drive-20160604_122625-jpg
Mounting Tape Drive-20160604_122733-jpg
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Old 06-10-2016
Host adapter 0, it is the first and only host adapter in the computer.
Scsi bus is 0, this is only a single channel host adapter.
Target Id is 6 (the tape drive)
LUN is 0; as far as I know there have been no implementations of devices with logical unit numbers.
5.0.7 does not have automatic hardware recognition, so the host adapter does not show in the initial boot hardware list until the device driver for the host adapter (alad) is compiled into the kernel; which will happen during the running of 'mkdev tape'.
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Old 06-11-2016
Does attached screenshot means Tape Drive is installed?
Please confirm.

Thanks so much man.
Mounting Tape Drive-tape-post-boot-jpg
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Old 06-11-2016
If this is working "jgt", I owe you for sure
More help and sorry for being a pest. 2 more things I need on this unit.
1 - I want to install a Parallel printer OKi Microline 521 (9 pin) to this machine. How do I add the printer? Their website has no Unix driver when I looked up!!

2 - I want to add terminal server to it so 2 workstation can login to it. They have EQUINOX ELS-II 16 PORT TERMINAL SERVER and also Equinox PM16-RJ Port Module. So whichever work. Have the PCI card to install with BNC and Terminal Server serial connection.

I'm again sorry for the troubles and picking your brains for it...

And Thanks. Let me know how can I repay you
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