Mounting Tape Drive

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Old 06-11-2016
Run 'mkdev parallel'
You will need to know the i/o port (378/278) and the irq (7/5), which you can get from the CMOS, or the jumper settings on the parallel card.
Run scoadmin-->printers-->4 printer management.
Add a local printer, give it a queue name, select the model either dumb, or crnlmap and select the device /dev/lp or /dev/lp0 probably.
The crnlmap driver will add a carriage return to every line feed in the printer file. Alternatively, you can change the configuration of the printer to add convert LF to CRLF.

Terminal Server.
I have never installed this particular device.
Install the hardware.
The associated software will either install using 'custom' or have its own installation routine.
The 'custom' program expects the files to be named VOL.000.000, VOL.000.001 etc.
First, start 'custom', either by entering custom at the # prompt, or starting 'scoadmin' and selecting software.
Select install new software, and select either diskette or cdrom for the media. If this works you will only need to answer whatever questions the install program asks.
If you get a message to the effect that the media is incorrect then the software has its own installation.
Very likely, you will copy the media to a temporary location, where you will run the install program (typically ./setup, or ./

Once that is installed, you will then need to configure the ports on the terminal server: baud rate, parity, bits, and whether a terminal or printer is attached.
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Old 07-09-2016
Thanks for all your help.
I got it all EXCEPT for the terminal server which is why holding everything back. So for the Equinox, I don't have any CD, software or driver. I called and email Avoccent/Emerson (Equinox been bought by) and even they don't have anything to support that device. Although it look promising with all those connections and connected with 3Com Fast EtherLink XL getting detected as a network card by itself, hoping something simple would make it work...
Anyways, I then bought a Digi PortServer TS 8, connected to that 3Com card ethernet port and ran the software - however that Digi PortServer Software is not detecting the Digi PortServer at all!!!
Don't know what to do now. Perhaps if you know of any other way of connecting 5 machines to this Unix system with any Port Server device or anything I'm willing to get/adopt.
Please help
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Old 07-09-2016
You don't need the port server at all.
If the workstations are recent Windows machines, they will have a network card. Download and install putty.
The workstations can connect through the local area network. If the workstations are remote, then connect the SCO system to the internet or a VPN, and have the workstations connect through either of these methods.
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