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Help! Playing with Xenix!

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Operating Systems SCO Help! Playing with Xenix!
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Help! Playing with Xenix!

Hey everyone! I'm trying to retrieve old files from my Xenix computers. So the option I've now come down to is to load up a second harddrive and do a doscp of my tar'd backup file. Now, How do I go about this? I am not a unix user myself so I'm not quite sure. I need help! I have a VERY short deadline and a lot of pressure. I am in a jam and hopefully someone out there can help me out!! Thanks!

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Well, after many hours of continuous trial and error sessions, I have finally found a way. It may not be that fast but it works. Linux booting failed me unfortunately as even though linux claims to support Xenix, it really doesn't. But what I finally got to work was to load C-Kermit on Xenix and send the files via RS-232 to my windows machine using HyperTerminal on it's end. Tar and compress my files on the Xenix and send them over. Thanks for all the ideas!


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