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Old COBOL app move to new server

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Old COBOL app move to new server

We have an old ProLiant ML370 server (10-15 years old) running SCO (version yet to be confirmed), with a single bespoke Cobol app. The server is failing and I need to get the app up and running on new hardware or cloud.

I've supported ProLiant servers running Windows for many years but have almost no knowledge of SCO/Linux/Unix, let alone Cobol.

I'd be grateful for an idea of where to start here. I need to know what I need to be aiming for, e.g. will I likely be able to run the old Cobol app on a modern flavour of Unix or will I need to stick to the original SCO version? How much work is likely to be involved in getting the app working?

The app is an old green screen terminal style, accessed via telnet and terminals.
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An idea might be to use for example VMWare and perform a P2V and put it in a VM.

Someone in this link apparently did that in a situation that may be similar to yours..

Or perhaps migrate to a different Cobol that runs on Linux?
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Originally Posted by jgt
Do you have the cobol source code?
We are trying to track down the developer. Its very likely the source code will be on the server though, which I should get access to tomorrow. How can I identify the source code?

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Originally Posted by Scrutinizer
An idea might be to use for example VMWare and perform a P2V and put it in a VM.

Or perhaps migrate to a different Cobol that runs on Linux?
Thanks, I'll read through that thread now. Migration to Linux sounds good to me, I just don't know the feasibility and would need some advice. I wonder if anyone can suggest the best forum for questions relating to Cobol?
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I have moved both RM cobol and Microfocus cobol to GNUcobol on Linux. Alternatively you could run a regular install of openserver 6.0 on recent hardware.

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You can determine the version of SCO by
 #uname -X

and show any patches etc by

MicroFocus cobol is usually installed in /opt/lib/cobol, and there should be a /usr/bin/cobrun. The source code usually has a .cbl extension, and the executables either .int or .gnt. If you have the full compiler installation, you should also have a /usr/bin/cobol, and a /usr/bin/anim. MF cobol is copy protected so you need the original license code in order to move it to a new disk. For RM cobol, there should be a /usr/rmcobol directory, and a /usr/bin/runcob or runcob85.
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OK, so here are the server details...

# uname -X

System = SCO_SV
Node = ******
Release = 3.2v5.0.6
KernelID = 2000-07-27
Machine =>PenIII
BusType = ISA
Serial = ******
Users = 15-user
OEM# = 0
Origin# = 1
NumCPU = 1


# custom

Compaq Extended Feature Supplement (ver 5.48a)
SCO OpenServer Enterprise System (ver 5.0.6j)
SCO SendMail (ver 8.11.0)
SCO Skunkware 2000 (ver 2000.1)
RS506A: Release Supplement for SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.6 (ver rs5
RS506A: Software Manager Supplement (ver rs506a)

And the Cobol installation...


There is a separate folder in the developer’s name full of .cob files which I presume is the source?

And there is a folder that looks as thought it contains the app and data.

So if you had to purchase a server for this and migrate the app, what OS and Cobol route would you go? My initial thought would be to keep things as similar as possible and stick with OpenServer and RMCobol, unless there is any advantage to move away from it?
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Unfortunately, the .cob files are compiled files that can be used with a runtime system.
To determine if you have the source code can you select one of the .cob files and, supposing that you have an ARX100.cob, do, signed on as root
find / -name "ARX100*" -print

If you find any files that match, then presumably these are the source code.
If you do not have the source code, then your options are limited to a VMware install, or a normal install of 506 on suitable hardware.
Suitable hardware being an I3-I7 system with an SSD disk, as long as the motherboard was manufactured in 2012 or earlier.

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If you want to use later hardware, then you have to upgrade to Openserver 6.0.0.
If you find that you do have the source code, then you could migrate the application to Linux, my preference is Opensuse, as it seems to have the same look and feel as SCO. Converting to GNUcobol requires about 1 hour of conversion effort per Cobol program.
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