Old COBOL app move to new server

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Old 05-02-2016
Even if you find that you don't have the source code, you may be able to purchase a suitable run time system from Microfocus, the current owners of RM Cobol, and move the application either to Windows or Linux.
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Mobble (05-03-2016)
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Old 05-03-2016
Thanks for all you help jgt.

Hopefully I've now found the source in a folder called "s", with most of the files having a ".c" extension.

I'll discuss the options with the decision-makers.

One last question if you don't mind. When you say a pre-2012 motherboard, what technology should or shouldn't it have? And any specific reason for the SSD?
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Old 05-03-2016

If you are dragging over data from the old environment, you may be interested in some free utilities at freestuff from UV Software

If you like the free stuff and need more for conversion, see the home page at Vancouver Utilities for Unix, Linux,& Windows for the commercial software.

In particular, the conversion aids may be of use: CNVaids.doc - Mainframe JCL/COBOL/DATA Conversion Aids [libcnv]

I have downloaded the free items, and where I tried them, they worked. However, I don't have any projects that need such tools right now. I have no connection with UVSoftware other than exchanging a few emails with the developer.

Best wishes ... cheers, drl
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Mobble (05-03-2016)
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Old 05-04-2016
When you say a pre-2012 motherboard, what technology should or shouldn't it have? And any specific reason for the SSD?
Disclaimer: I have not used or installed 506 for at least 15 years.
For the most part I have used Intel mother boards. I had no problem installing 600 using DH61DL boards until version 206. At one point in 2012 I had 5 of these boards, some 203,204 and 205. When I tried to install 600 on the 206 version, the screen looks like this.

There is a patch for this, that replaces the boot cd for 600, and just loads a kernel, and starts custom. From there, the operating system is installed using the regular cd. I have not tried this with either 507 or 506.
As far as I know there is not an AHCI driver for 506 so the mother board bios has to support the sata controller in compatible ide mode.
I have been using the Intel XPI9400PT network card, but it is no longer available from Intel. It is available from addoncomputer.com.
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Old 05-04-2016

Hello Mobble.
Reading your post's i see that your OS is Openserver 5.0.6
and Cobol system is RmCobol85. I am a cobol developer
since 1980 and ex Hp / Sco reseller and system administrator.

My problem was the same and Openserver 6 was unwanted.

My solution (for myself and all my customer) is to migrate
Os, Apps and Data to a virtualized environment using Virtualbox
(but with Wmplayer is the same).

Unlucky the SCO filesystem (Htfs) has no support or driver for
Windows/Linux, so the only way to migrate data and apps is FTP.

More, Virtualbox runs Openserver 5.0.7 very fine (5.0.6 is well know
to have a lot of bugs) but the original Cd is required to do a new
installation over the virtual hard-disk (and the license key, of curse).

I create a new VM (generic unix/linux) with 2 GB ram (this depend on
your hardware and how many users will login to the virtual server,
usually 4/8 gb are good). Virtual Hard disk kind IDE.

Starting from original Sco CD the OS was installed, then activated
(with original license key)

Sco Login (graphical desktop) disabled , only text console (as root: scologin disable)

Using FTP all Apps/Data/Homes directory copied from real server
to virtual machine.

More: instead of copy all into the virtual disk, you can map a Linux
folder with NFS into SCO, be aware that SCO 5 only support NFS V.3

Sco 5.0.7 give good support to usb, can format and mount pendrive
(for data migration and backup), and Usb Tape Drive.
Printers configured all as LPD queue

At end my customers with Putty Telnet open the same old login as
always. They don't see any difference between old real server and
the new one virtualized.

Simply, well working, at lowest cost.


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Scrutinizer (05-04-2016)
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Old 06-02-2016
Originally Posted by Mobble
We have an old ProLiant ML370 server (10-15 years old) running SCO (version yet to be confirmed), with a single bespoke Cobol app. The server is failing and I need to get the app up and running on new hardware or cloud.
I can suggest you to take a VMWare Converter or any other similar tool and take a backup from your server as a first thing to do.

You can deploy it then, and try to recreate your Cobol app environment then without any rush.

If you try to do that without original server or it's virtual copy then you didn't have any right to mistake
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