SCO 5.0.7 Configuration

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For the tape drive:
Login as root, and at the #sign, type 'mkdev tape'
This will start a menu driven program that will ask you for the host adapter you are attaching the device to, and its scsi id.
At the end, it will re-link the kernel to include the new device.
You will need to re-boot the system to start the new kernel.
Do not re-link the kernel twice in a row without testing that the new kernel actually works as only two versions are kept.
For the terminal server:
If you have the gui configured, start scoadmin, and select the software manager.
If you use the command line version, type scoadmin at the prompt.
Both versions are use the same tcl code.
In the character version, you will see that there are 3 rectangles on the screen, a 1 line rectangle at the top, a 15 line rectangle in the middle and another 1 line rectangle at the bottom of the screen.
Use the <tab> key to move from one rectangle to another. Use the <arrow> keys to move within each rectangle. Use the <spacebar> to mark a checkbox, and <enter> to select an item.
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Tools Thanks JGT

Thanks JGT you are really awesome in helping me !! i will get back to you once i do configure successfully...Let me know if anything i need to know in addition to this .. Thanks a lot again !!
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Hi All,
Can any one help in create SCO 5.0.7 VM using ESXi 6.0. When i was creating VM its not booting into OS? Can any one help me by telling how to boot SCO 5.0.7 ISO using Datastore?
Kanthi Kiran K
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